News Link n. 84

The news links are part of the research project GESPAM (Geopolitica, Salute Pubblica e Accesso alle Medicine/Geopolitics, Public Health and Access to Medicines), which aims to focus on the best options for the use of trade and government rules related to public health by resource-limited countries.


News Link 84

Uganda donors cut aid after president passes anti-gay law

Europe reconsiders Uganda aid following anti-gay law 

Uganda: The Politics of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Legislation 

African farmers cut use of ‘toxic’ pesticides through EU-funded project

Land Grabs in Africa: Senegal Farmers and Herders Demand Shady Transnational Corporation to Get off their Land

How does crop biotechnology help food security

Big food companies improve policies in developing nations, Oxfam  

EU scientists’ biofuels warnings were ignored 

Parliament kicks off debate on the legal right to water 

EU, African science groups support biotech development 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Implications for Access to Medicines and Public Health

Evidence-based medicine vital for health and medical progress in China 

TRIPS Council: Discussion Of IP And Innovation Irritates India: Other Issues Unchanged 

The State Of Health Reform: A Health Affairs Conversation With James Capretta, Genevieve Kenney, and Larry Levitt 

Obamacare. Salute, lavoro, bugie 

The G-20′s Growing List of Unfinished Business 

Top 5 Lame Excuses Not to Support Extreme-Poverty Alleviation Work 

World Bank to help map Africa’s mineral resources 

More Than a Phone: Mobile Empowering Women 

Compulsory patent licensing and local drug manufacturing capacity in Africa  

Quanto costano i migranti in Europa