News Link n. 85

The news links are part of the research project GESPAM (Geopolitica, Salute Pubblica e Accesso alle Medicine/Geopolitics, Public Health and Access to Medicines), which aims to focus on the best options for the use of trade and government rules related to public health by resource-limited countries


News Link 85

3 easy ways to celebrate International Women’s Day

La Cooperazione italiana per i diritti delle donne 

L’aborto e la società americana

From concept to measurement: operationalizing WHO’s definition of unsafe abortion   

Aid freeze deepens after Uganda’s anti-gay bill   

Gurry Wins Committee Vote For Next Director General Of WIPO

With A “Clean Slate,” WIPO Director Nominee Gurry Looks Ahead

North and South sign commitment to family farming 

Intergovernmental South Centre Statement On “US Attacks On Indian IP Policy” 

US-India Trade Ties Worsen, Amid Claims of Protectionism  

Crisis Mismanagement in the United States and Europe: Impact on Developing Countries and Longer-Term Consequences 

Health in a time of “political plague”: Confronting the Clash of Ignorance!   

Health systems performance assessment in low-income countries: learning from international experiences 

Corporate influence in the Post-2015 process 

The U.S. Government Response to Global Neglected Tropical Diseases   

WIPO Exhibition for New Strategies Against Counterfeit, Pirated Goods   

UN Campaign To Engage Tourists In Fight Against Counterfeits

Why giving work is better than giving aid 

Why Bill Gates Can’t Solve Problems For The World’s Poor 

Reshaping African PhDs for development  

Most Southern African Countries to Miss 2015 MDG Water and Sanitation Targets

The difficulty of making healthy choices and “health in all policies” 

Water, Water, Everywhere: To Green our Deserts  

For Yunus, charity is not the only way  

Patents as Protection of Traditional Medical Knowledge?

WHO’s Draft Guideline: Sugars intake for adults and children