Latest News: Link 112

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Latest News: Link 112

Trading away access to medicines – revisited: How the European trade agenda continues to undermine access to medicines   

Gilead Monopoly Prevails Over Non-Discriminatory Access As Debated Hepatitis C Deal Sets Off  

European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommends approval of Harvoni, Gilead’s all oral HCV combination product 

LDCs and TRIPS: Overcoming challenges, seeking solutions 

The Role of Research and Innovation in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Helen Clark: Use your voice to create #globaldev solutions 

At UN General Assembly, global health projects are big business 

World Leaders Outline Plans to Tackle Climate Change 

Leaders at UN summit take steps to ensure food security for 9 billion people by 2050  

OPINION: Step Up Efforts Against Hunger 

Economic impact of Ebola shrouded in mystery 

Aversion Behavior Exacerbates the Economic Impact of Ebola 

CDC vs Médecins Sans Frontières on Ebola: Is the Perfect the Enemy of the Good?  

President Obama Announces New Actions To Strengthen Global Resilience To Climate Change And Launches Partnerships To Cut Carbon Pollution  

World Bank Leads Push to Set Price on Carbon Emissions 

Australia can quit coal without adverse effects on economy, says Jeffrey Sachs report   

UK to tackle deforestation in developing countries 

Resilience planning – some do’s and don’ts 

How Can We Fight the Pandemic of Global Violence against Women? 

The PLOS “Monitoring Universal Health Coverage” Collection: Managing Expectations 

WHO Essential Medicines Policies and Use in Developing and Transitional Countries 

Financial Risk Protection and Universal Health Coverage: Evidence and Measurement Challenges 

The Medicines Patent Pool Adds New Sub-Licensing Agreements to Improve Access to Novel ARVs in Developing Countries 

Open letter to Janssen on reducing the price of bedaquiline  

Interview with IFPMA President, Dr Lechleiter on ‘What’s an innovation ecosystem from an industry perspective’ 

Sugar substitutes linked to obesity