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Latest News 117

USTR’s Investigations On IP Rights Against India: Is There A Tenable Case?  

Human Rights Reader 349 

Comparing The Cost And Value Of Specialty And Traditional Drugs

Adult Conversation On High-Priced Drugs? Don’t Hold Your Breath (But Hang In There) …   

Can Nigeria’s Success on Ebola Translate to TB? 

Ebola And EHRs: An Unfortunate And Critical Reminder 

Learning From Missed Opportunities To Diagnose US Ebola Patient Zero 

Keeping women healthy, alive and uninfected 

Outdated policies, critical gaps fueling global drug-resistant TB crisis 

WHO interim guidance on the use of delamanid in the treatment of MDR-TB 

Innovations for malaria control: Advancing progress for a healthier, more prosperous world   

G-77 countries call for resolve and solidarity in malnutrition battle

Climate change and lack of food security multiply risks of conflict and civil unrest in 32 countries  

Europe’s Ambitious Climate Goal

EU leaders reach agreement on proposed 2030 climate, energy goals 

What can education learn from health public-private partnerships (PPPs)?  

TTIP e dintorni. Il liberismo in sanità: per chi suona la campana 

EU, US say hard to imagine trade deal without investor protection

Nobelist Muhammad Yunus: Be A Go-Getter, Not A Job Getter 

Oxfam: Global inequality ‘out of control’ 

The Global Fund: New Funding Model

TPP Ministers: Shape of Trade Deal “Crystallising” Following Sydney Meet