Breaking News: Link 143

Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News: Link 143

Empowering women and girls through development: A to-do list for Gayle Smith

World Health Statistics reports on global health goals for 194 countries

Corruption and Global Health: Summary of a Policy Roundtable

Ebola R&D, Antibiotic Resistance, Neglected Diseases Among Issues At This Year’s World Health Assembly

Web Briefing for Media: Key Issues Facing the 2015 World Health Assembly, from Ebola to WHO Reform

‘Business as usual’ no longer an option for WHO, member states

A Global Biomedical R&D Fund and Mechanism for Innovations of Public Health Importance

We Are Engaged! A Commitment To Patients

Allow Evidence, Not Politics, To Drive Prevention: Lessons From Indiana’s HIV Outbreak

Johnson & Johnson Expands IP Policy to Create Broad Access in 128 Countries for Development of New and Optimized HIV Medicine Formulations for Children Living with HIV

HIV Cure Is Goal of Glaxo-UNC Chapel Hill Partnership

“Kit portatile individua l’Ebola in 75 minuti”

Autocritica OMS: “Ci siamo fatti trovare impreparati”

Medici e cittadini: “Essere informati per prevenire casi futuri”

As Ebola disappears, no useful data seen from vaccine trials: WHO

BRICS and global health: the case of the Ebola response

Human Rights Reader 361

KEI TPP Briefing note 2015:1 Compulsory licenses and the 3-step test

UN response to sex abuse whistleblower is ‘deeply unsatisfactory’ – open letter

Green road to Paris

World Bank advocates long term thinking on climate change

Ending Poverty: The Next Big Idea Is To Stay Small

0.7 Percent Is Stupid

The most popular tax in history? The ‘Million Strong’ campaign for a Robin Hood

UNCTAD releases new Roadmap and Guide for debt workouts

The Rich Countries Are Leaving the Poor for Dead: Jeffrey Sachs on the Millennium Development Goals

The rising cost of a healthy diet: changing relative prices of foods in high-income and emerging economies

The price of vegetables jumps by up to 91% while the cost of some processed foods drops by up to 20%, driving obesity – new report

Why a healthy diet is getting costlier in emerging economies

Big data to help coffee farmers adapt to climate change