Breaking News: Link 176

Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News: Link 176


UN Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on Access to Medicines 

Discovering New Medicines And New Ways To Pay For Them 

WHO Members Commit To SDGs For 2030, Despite Some Differences 

Seven ideas on how to finance the SDGs 

Evaluation Starts On WHO Global Strategy For Public Health, Innovation, IPRs 

138th WHO EB – Briefing – Addressing the global shortages of medicines, and the safety and accessibility of chidren’s medication. – Agenda Item 10.5 

138th WHO EB – Agenda Item 9.3 – Global Vaccine Action Plan 

138th WHO EB – Briefing – “From Ebola and Beyond: faulty governance of the health system in responding to medical emergencies and epidemics- Agenda Item 5 & 8.4 

What Ebola has Thought Us to Counter Mismanagement of Epidemic Outbreaks 

World’s most difficult task — ensuring UN sustainable development agenda 

3 ingredients to ensure health and well-being for all in emerging economies 

Human Rights: World Report 2016 

Congresso Internazionale Septimo Encuentro Multidisciplinar sobre Pueblos Indígenas (EMPI VII) Popoli Indigeni e disuguaglianze:fra crescita e crisi socio-economica 12-13 Maggio 2016 Università degli Studi di Milano Italia 

ICIC16 – 16th International Conference on Integrated Care, Barcelona 23-25 May 2016 

9th IAEN Pre-conference 

HEARD publications 

Gated Development Is the Gates Foundation always a force for good? 

Young People Are in Economic Crisis Worldwide. This Bank Aims to Help 

The Irvine Foundation Has It Exactly Right: The Poor Need Power to Not Be Poor 

The Faces Of China’s New Philanthropy 

Life after aid work: When the ground begins to shake 

The E15 Initiative: Strengthening the Global Trade and Investment System in the 21st Century 

With the AIIB, China is ready to rewrite Asia’s financial order 

The refugee crisis as seen from Davos 

Denmark approves controversial migrant assets bill 

Waste prevention in Europe — the status in 2014 

UN health agency convenes emergency meeting to address ‘dramatic’ spread of Zika virus 

As Zika Virus Rises, Vaccine Development Gets Attention 

City at center of Brazil’s Zika epidemic reeling from disease’s insidious effects 

Health Highlights: Jan. 28, 2016 

Non siamo un Paese normale 

Salute Globale in una prospettiva comparata tra Brasile e Italia