Breaking News: Link 180

Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News: Link 180


International Women’s day: 8th March 2016 

Open Data Day 2016 

16th International Conference on Integrated Care – ICIC16 Barcelona 23 May 2016 

World Social Forum, Montreal 9-14 August 2016 

University of York: short courses in Health Economics 

Why selling the SDGs isn’t as easy as ABC 

FAO in the 2016 humanitarian appeals 

Unlocking opportunities for smallholder farmers 

Protecting land and community resources in Africa 

TPP Threatens Indigenous Land Rights Says the UN 

Obama Sets Sights on 2016 TPP Approval, Despite Political Landscape 

TTIP Twelfth Round Gets Underway, Amid Protests and Timing Questions 

Evolving Nature of China’s South-South Cooperation 

Global Innovation Fund’s first investments shed light on mission 

Smoking v. Obesity: The Economics Of Prevention And Its Dependence On Treatment 

The Zika virus mosquito is unmasking Brazil’s inequality and indifference 

Gates Foundation ‘deeply involved’ in Zika crisis 

EMA: Measures to help protect patients from falsified medicines 

Farmaci: in vigore le nuove norme europee anticontraffazione 

Addressing Generic Drug Unaffordability And Shortages By Globalizing The Market For Old Drugs 

Patent challenge hearing on Gilead hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir starts in India 

Policy Cures: An update on the state of the neglected disease R&D product pipeline 

UAEM’s Re:Route – New Mapping Tool For Alternative Health R&D Models 

New HIV Diagnoses Have Declined, But Not For Black Gay And Bisexual Men 

5 reasons Senegal is ahead of its neighbors on family planning and HIV 

We Can Stop the Spread of AIDS, and Sooner Than You Think 

What’s the Clinton Foundation Doing for Women’s Empowerment? 

Better protection for detainees 

More Needs To Be Done To Prioritize Climate Change 

One More Use for Crowdfunding: Providing Hope for a Threatened Tree Species