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Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

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Breaking News: Link 203


Medical care cut off as Taliban assaults key Afghan city 

Will a woman lead the UN after Ban Ki-moon’s comment? 5 possible females to head UN 

Amnesty International: RESEARCHER / ADVISOR ESCR (HEALTH) (1621) 

How dangerous was 2015 for aid workers? 

How infrastructure investments can help expand social protection programs 

Getting Ahead of the Global Urbanization Curve in Reproductive Health 

Why a new water decade is key to meeting the world’s development needs 

Why indigenous and community land rights matter for everyone 

Congo at risk of being overwhelmed by yellow fever 

WHO: Mass vaccination campaign to protect millions against yellow fever in Angola and Democratic Republic of the Congo 

True magnitude of stillbirths and maternal and neonatal deaths underreported 

How to fight a ‘silent killer’ 

HIV prevention drugs could halve new cases, aid women 

Building from the HIV Response toward Universal Health Coverage 

Overcoming Lower-Income Patients’ Concerns About Trust And Respect From Providers 

It’s time for development banks to start listening 

Zika, Ebola emphasize need for open, public health data sharing 

FDA approves genetically modified mosquitoes to combat Zika virus in Florida 

Tracking Zika’s progress 

After 2 Years With No Cases, Nigeria Records 2 Polio Cases In Children 

Understanding China’s climate change commitment 

Will the G-20 spur post-Paris climate action? 3 signs to look for 

In the Climate Change Fight, a Foundation Puts a New Focus on the Role of Communities 

Major study links neonicotinoid pesticides to wild bee declines 

Human Rights Reader 393 

Could human rights protections reverse today’s cruelty? 

Female education in Bangladesh – State of foreign aid

Development of a Telephone-Based Peer Support Program for New Mothers with Postpartum Depression

How can academics and NGOs work together? Some smart new ideas 

Rooting for ‘SDG Bill’ 

Medicine’s new frontiers