Breaking News: Link 217

Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News: Link 217


Towards Equity in Health: Researchers Take Stock 

European and Canadian civil society groups call for rejection of CETA 

Protecting health in trade agreements : a challenge to Japan’s role in global health 

Sandoz and Beximco Pharmaceuticals Join the Medicines Patent Pool’s Growing Network of Generic Manufacturing Partners 

Drug companies test out new strategies for improving access in poor countries 

World AIDS Day 2016 

WHO global health days: AIDS infographics 

UNAIDS: Get on the Fast Track: the life-cycle approach to HIV 

‘Could HIV be the Youngest Disease to be Eliminated? The Experience of Ethiopia’ by Taye Tolera Balcha 


UNICEF: More Funds Needed to Fight Teen HIV 

New analysis: large pharmaceutical companies are developing five HIV/AIDS medicines for children 

At last, an HIV prevention tool women can control? 

Why Can’t We Bring Down The Number Of New HIV Cases? 

UN health agency issues new guidelines on HIV self-testing 

Can Investing in Rapid Self-Testing Disrupt the HIV/AIDS Mortality Curve? 

Time to be efficient: HIV/AIDS in the Latin America and the Caribbean 

Martin Shkreli: Australian boys recreate life-saving drug 

A Killer Disease Might Be Nearing The End Of Its Deadly Run 

In Bolivia, health workers use cell phones to eradicate Chagas disease 

Will 10 Million People Die a Year due to Antimicrobial Resistance by 2050? 

‘Kenya in a Bad Shape about Open Defecation Free Goal’ by Pietro Dionisio 

Analysis: A paradigm change at the IMF? 

UNPO newsletter: November 2016 edition 

Analysis: Who will now lead the fight on climate change? 

Climate change and the coming ‘humanitarian crisis of epic proportions’ 

Why the EIB should not deal with the migration crisis 

UN chief apologises for Haiti cholera, six years later 

President-Elect Trump Selects Price For HHS And Verma For CMS 

Fiscal Devolution and Health Financing Reform: Lessons for India from Brazil, China, and Mexico