Health Breaking News: Link 244

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News: Link 244


21.06.2017 ECOSOC humanitarian affairs segment 

Yes Member States, the EU must be a leader in sustainable development 

U.N. Chief Warns U.S. of Risks of Rejecting Leadership Role 

Open Access Policy In International Organisations 

‘Will It Work Here?’: Health Systems Need Contextual Evidence Before Adopting Innovations 

4 political errors to avoid in achieving water and sanitation for all 

Do Weak Governments Doom Developing Countries to Poverty? 

World Bank is reinventing itself as a broker for private finance but that puts poverty reduction at risk  

Access to drugs: manifesto cooperating Political Youth Organisations & partners 

The Trump Executive Order on drug prices: not what was promised nor needed, and contrary to US self interest  

Sandoz v. Amgen: What The Court Settled, What It Didn’t, And What Might Come Next 

China-Backed AIIB Touts Growth, Sustainability 

‘Novo Nordisk’s Changing Diabetes Aid Programme Exacerbates Issues of Insulin Access, and Must End for Compulsory Licensing to be Effective’ by Rebecca Barlow-Noone 

Michael Bloomberg uses burden of disease data to focus attention on NCDs 

At Risk: Can Funders Preserve Momentum in the AIDS Fight? 

Final Offensive: About That Big Global Pledge on Polio 

Ending Polio in Conflict Zones 

Polio eradication gets financial boost but suffers setbacks in Syria and Congo 

Polio Paralyzes 17 Children in Syria, W.H.O. Says  

Clinical trial for a better treatment for mycetoma starts in Sudan 

‘A long and gruelling seven years and now it is over’ 

Number Of Ethiopians Needing Food Aid Could Double To 16M Next Month, Aid Workers Warn 

FAO warns of tilapia virus as outbreak spreads 

A Regional Funder Giving Where Food, Health, and Environment Meet 

Parliament strengthens 2030 climate and energy package 

Opinion: Invest in midwives to improve global health 

A New Definition Of Health Equity To Guide Future Efforts And Measure Progress 

Building Sustainable Partnerships To Improve Access To Breast Cancer Treatment For Uninsured Women 

World Refugee Day: WHO training enables Syrian doctors and nurses to provide health care in Turkey 


UNICEF names first goodwill ambassador who is a refugee 

ANDI 2017 CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Project Based Training and Fellowship on Project and Intellectual Property (IP) Management for Health Technology Innovation in Africa 

Tobacco makers denounce ‘brand theft’ from plain packaging 

Taxing sugary drinks would boost productivity, not just health