Health Breaking News: Link 263

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News: Link 263


2018 EU budget agreed with cuts in development aid 

EU 2018 budget: Development aid cut as humanitarian spending rises 

Brexit Drives European Medicines Agency To The Netherlands, Move By March 2019 

3 takeaways from the COP23 negotiations 

Climate finance, the sticking point in COP23 

From Katrina To Wildfires: Leveraging Technology In Disaster Response 

How Madagascar Took Control Of Its Plague Outbreak 

UNAIDS data 2017 

KFF: The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic 

The value of confirmatory testing in early infant HIV diagnosis programmes in South Africa: A cost-effectiveness analysis 

Beating the superbugs: the role of politics in antibiotic resistance 

‘The Global Rise of Antibiotic Resistance’ by Taye T. Balcha and Donna A. Patterson 

Innovative point-of-care diagnostic testing solutions emerge as a response to AMR 

Infectious Diseases Hub: World Antibiotic Awareness Week 

MSF: India’s decision to give Pfizer unmerited patent on lifesaving pneumonia vaccine limits access for children globally 

WHO: New global commitment to end tuberculosis 

At first global ministerial meeting on TB, MSF and Stop TB Partnership give governments deadline to dramatically increase access to testing and treatment 

To eliminate TB we need new tools and investments! 

As Malaria Resists Treatment, Experts Warn of Global Crisis 

KEI Presentation at World Conference on Access to Medicines, New Dehli 

How Universal Health Coverage Can Be Done Right 

More Health for the Money through Better Purchasing Decisions: The Case of Ghana 

UNICEF urges opportunities for ‘forgotten minority’ as study reveals bleak prospects for 180 million children 

A Funder Takes on Maternal and Infant Mortality Here At Home 

WHO: Women on the move Migration, care work and health 

Tackling inequality: democracy’s Catch-22 

Human Rights Reader 428 

Human trafficking and exploitation: A global health concern 

No Silver Bullet: Behind an Effort to Tackle the Racial Wealth Gap in Urban America 

The road ahead for fixing Africa’s infrastructure deficit 

Can Renewable Energy Jobs Help Reduce Poverty in India?