Health Breaking News: Link 271

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News: Link 271


World Economic Forum – live updates 

Oxfam Report, January 2018: Reward Work, Not Wealth 

Why The Internet Loves And Hates Oxfam’s Global Inequality Report 

‘On Health Inequalities, Davos, and Deadly Neoliberalism’ by Ted Schrecker 

A question for Dr. Tedros and other global health leaders ahead of Davos 

Davos: Gates and IDB announce plan to eliminate malaria in Central America

Antimicrobial Benchmark For Industry Launched In Davos 

142nd session of the WHO Executive Board: WHO Director-General addresses the Executive Board 

Financing for Development: Time for the UN to Take Centre Stage Again 

TPP: Pacific Nations Clinch Comprehensive Trade Accord 

Medicaid Program Under Siege 

The Case For Debt-Free Medical Degrees 

WTO, WHO, WIPO Symposium To Look At Innovative Technologies And UN SDGs 

WHO Members Set To Debate Transparency Of R&D Costs 

Heading off Global Action on Access to Medicines in 2018 

Can Taxes Postpone Millions of Deaths Worldwide? A New Task Force Led by Michael Bloomberg and Lawrence Summers Inquires 

Malaysia wins award for access to affordable hepatitis C medicine 

Fed Up With Drug Companies, Hospitals Decide to Start Their Own 

‘Challenges in Universal Health Coverage in Developing Countries like Pakistan’ by Nighat Khan 

To Reduce Inequality, a Foundation Looks to Shift Both Policy and the Larger Narrative 

The “Right-To-Try” Experimental Treatments 

Work, Migration and Health 2018, Toronto, May 8-9: A Forum on Precarity, Vulnerability, Occupational Health & Safety among Newcomers and Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada 

Human rights Reader 434 

‘Poverty clock’ ticks with real-time data 

International Conference on Critical Public Health Consequences of the Double Burden of Malnutrition and the Changing Food Environment in South and South East Asia. INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, New Delhi
MARCH 28-30, 2018 

People affected by fatal snakebites in sub-Saharan Africa are in desperate need of affordable, quality antivenoms 

Assessing the feasibility of interrupting the transmission of soil-transmitted helminths through mass drug administration: The DeWorm3 cluster randomized trial protocol

African patients more likely to die from surgery 

Lack of water and sanitation in hospitals mars SDG progress 

Methane from Indian livestock adds to global warming 

Biodiversity and Food Security: the Dual Focus of the World Potato Congress 

Why land rights are worth a multimillion dollar investment