Health Breaking News: Link 273

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News: Link 273


Internal ‘dysfunction’ poses threats to WHO mission 

‘What worries me is not the money for WHO’ — Tedros 

A New Agenda for the MDBs: Five Practical Reforms 

Healthcare Systems as Intelligent Payers: What Can the Global Health Community Learn from the English National Health Service? 

As the world goes digital, is there a hack for inequality? 

Inequality also Relates to Education, Health & Illiteracy, not Wealth Alone 

Human Rights Reader 436 

Aid Groups Fear 2018 Could Become Year of Migrant Repatriations 

Power: The Most Fundamental Cause of Health Inequity? 

Weathering the Storm: How a Global Family Planning Outfit Is Coping With Funding Cuts 

India’s new health insurance to cost govts $1.71 bln a year – source 

‘Health for All’ – Reaching the Remote in the Indian Sundarbans 


UNPO Newsletter December 2017 – January 2018 edition 

Development indicators trending downward for world’s poorest countries, UN warns 

With rising number of girls at risk, world in ‘race against time’ to end female genital mutilation – UN 

Working towards zero tolerance for female genital mutilation in Sudan  

Health Care And Community-Based Organizations Have Finally Begun Partnering To Integrate Health And Long-Term Care 

Making The Most Out Of Cross-Sector Collaboration 

Quality of care during childbirth in Tanzania: identification of areas that need improvement 

How healthy is YOUR state? Map reveals tobacco-loving North Dakota has the highest rate of life-threatening illness – but its neighbors are fitter than anywhere else 

Africa’s all too preventable cholera crisis 

Salmonella on the rise again, EU officials admit 

Gavi Study Shows Vaccines Will Save Tens Of Millions From Poverty Due To High Costs 

WHO Executive Board adopts draft resolution on TB, stresses importance of resistant TB in overall fight against AMR 

Biosimilar Industry Launches Information Campaign For Better Acceptance 

New Open Source Drug Discovery Initiative Takes Aim At “Devastating” Disease 

Ethiopia: Call for Intensifying Efforts Against NCDs 

Nigeria: Alliance Moves to Reduce Deaths From Non-Communicable Diseases 

Novartis under scrutiny for alleged pharma scandal in Greece 

Leaked Letter Shows Pressure On Colombia Not To Issue Compulsory Licence For Glivec 

MSF challenges Pfizer’s monopoly on lifesaving pneumonia vaccine in Korea 

China, Once the Final Resting Place for Half the World’s Trash, Bans Waste Products 

A plan for plastics 

Triggering the Trade Transition: The G20’s Role in Reconciling Rules for Trade and Climate Change