Health Breaking News: Link 279

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News: Link 279


BMJ: Call for papers—the Alma Ata Declaration at 40: reflections on primary healthcare in a new era 

The Key to Making Peace in Africa. Fighting Corruption Can Help End Conflict 

Italy’s Vote for Change: Potential Coalitions and their Implications for Development 

Results-Based Funding in Health: Progress in Poorest Communities in Mesoamerica 

Health Care Trade-Offs: A Necessary Reality For Every Health System 

WHO and IFIC sign Memorandum of Understanding 

IFIC launch new international service 

Behind the scenes: International NGOs’ influence on reproductive health policy in Malawi and South Sudan 

FNOMCeO: Dottore, ma è vero che….? Cerca le risposte alle domande più frequenti sulla salute 

MEPs call to raise awareness on benefits of vaccines 

‘Bridging the Gaps in Clinical Guideline to Care in Pregnancy for Women Using Psychoactive Substances’ by Grana Ziia 

This Health Funder Has Joined the Fight Against Opioids. Where Is Everyone Else? 

‘Opium and its Association with Cardio-Vascular Disease’ by Junior Bazile 

Antibiotics Are Often Used At The End Of Life, But At What Cost? 

30+ Civil Society Orgs to USTR: Stop Threatening to Block Colombia’s OECD Accession over Pharma/Biotech Lobby Interests 

UAEM Students Launch Campaign To Drop Publicly Funded Patent Claim On Cancer Drug In India 

Argentine NGO objects to antiretroviral patent request 

DNDi: R&D Portfolio Update March 2018 

In vitro and in vivo pharmacodynamics of three novel antileishmanial lead series 

Hope rises for a world free of TB 

On the trail of Lassa fever in southern Nigeria 

South Sudan Halts Spread of Crippling Guinea Worms 

Documentary Screening at the European Parliament The Hmong: Forced into Isolation in Laos – Screening of “The CIA’s Lost Army” 11 April 2018 | 9:00 – 13:00 

The Rohingya children trafficked for sex 

Myanmar is worst-performing country for aid access, as Rohingya refugees face monsoon threats 

Climate change soon to cause movement of 140m people, World Bank warns 

World needs ‘greener’ water policies as demand rises: United Nations

World Water Day: We can solve the global water crisis — Here’s how 

Why You Should Care About the Water Crisis 

Clean Water for All: How Well Is Philanthropy Tackling One of the World’s Biggest Challenges? 

Last, Best Chance for Food Aid Reform? 

Taking a space-age approach to food security