Health Breaking News 320

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News 320


Further funding to support Research Leaders in sub-Saharan Africa: MRC/DFID African Research Leader scheme 2019 

Achieving health gains on the way to universal health coverage in Africa 

TRIPS Debated As WHO Board Reaches Agreement On Universal Health Coverage 

Business-Friendly & Rights-based Approaches to Achieve SDGs 

Thursday 14 February 2019 – Friday 15 February 2019 Challenges and Needs of SDGs’ Implementation in Europe. Organised by the Global Health Centre and ISGlobal Barcelona, Spain 

WHO’s Transformative Agenda: A few reflections from the 144th WHO Executive Board Meeting 

EPHA: The Top 5 Issues in Medicines Policy for 2019 

Current R&D Causes High Prices In Drugs; New Model Needed To Make Drugs More Affordable, Speakers Say 

Switzerland Receives Request For Compulsory Licence On Breast Cancer Drug 

WTO TRIPS Council: South Africa considers strict patentability criteria to address abuses in the pharmaceutical industry 

Trump Highlights IP, Trade, Drug Prices In Speech To Congress 

Trump Administration Releases Long-Awaited Drug Rebate Proposal 

Health Care Spending In The US And Taiwan: A Response To It’s The Prices, And A Tribute To Uwe Reinhardt 

New EPHA study reveals more needs to be done on AMR National Action Plans in Europe 

European Medicines Agency challenged to support better clinical trial reporting 

As Ebola outbreak marks 6 months, health centers a concern 

DRC Ebola: Latest numbers as of 6 February 2019 

Why can’t pregnant women be vaccinated during epidemics? 

Will a sugar tax solve Southeast Asia’s growing diabetes problem? 

Galvanizing the Action to Protect and Promote the Rights of Mentally-Disabled Individuals in the Key Populations: a Pathway to Achieve Health for All by Denis Bukenya and Michael Ssemakula 

Overcoming the colonial development model of resource extraction for sustainable development in Africa 

Rosia Montana and corporate courts 

China’s changing approach to Africa 

Human Rights Reader 472 

Oxford University Press: The Health of Refugees Public Health Perspectives from Crisis to Settlement. Second Edition edited by Pascale Allotey and Daniel Reidpath 

Confronting the Challenges of Migration in West & Central Africa 

House by house, telling girls and families the dangers of female circumcision in Kenya 

The United States Maternal Mortality Rate Will Continue To Increase Without Access To Data 

No silver bullet for arsenic in groundwater 

Look to the sky – the top 5 priorities on European air quality and health in 2019 

Why a Major Climate Funder is Backing Movement Building and Shifting Away from the U.S. 

‘Action Alliance “Training 2020” – An Alliance for Independent Continuing Medical Education’ by Christiane Fischer