Health Breaking News 348

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News 348


First ever in Italy: UniMi 1-year duration Post-Graduate Master Course in Global Health (MGH). Coordinators A. Gori, M. Raviglione 

AFEW’s EECA INTERACT 2019, 18-19th November 2019, Almaty, Kazakhstan 

A new European Commission: What are the implications for Development Finance in the next five years? 

Achieving the SDGs Will Require More than Revenue Increases 

Revelation! The International Monetary Fund Discovers Tax Avoidance and Capital Flight by Ted Schrecker

Key Global Health Positions and Officials in the U.S. Government 

MSF: Open Letter to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, vaccine manufacturers and donor governments ahead of the Global Vaccination Summit in Brussels 12th September 2019 

Vaccination: European Commission and World Health Organization join forces to promote the benefits of vaccines 

World Leaders Tackle Vaccine Hesitancy At Global Summit

First Global Vaccination Summit sounds the alarm on access and hesitancy 

KEI, UACT, UAEM, and SSW Appeal NIH Grant of Exclusive Licenses on CAR Cancer Therapy to Gilead/Kite 

Lung cancer drug Lilly bought for $8 billion delivers strong results 

Dutch Minister of Health writes open letter to pharma, threatens to name and shame 

Calls for Reform, Research and Reorganisation in Leprosy Healthcare 

DRC Ebola update 

Malaria breakthrough as scientists find ‘highly effective’ way to kill parasite 

Malaria Eradication Feasible by 2050, Says New Lancet Report 

Plan to wipe out malaria comes with hefty price tag 

Bloomberg School Faculty Statement on Lancet Commission Report on Malaria Eradication 

Ethiopia’s quest to champion emergency care systems 

How does the planetary health debate resonate in Africa? 

Nothing For Us, Without Us – Hansen’s Disease-Affected Tell International Gathering 

For Better Learning, Africa Needs Better Data 

Human Rights Reader 495 

Sustained Animus toward Latino Immigrants — Deadly Consequences for Children and Families 

Saving A Life From Opioid Addiction Requires Bold Action From Loved Ones 

Accelerate efforts to eliminate cervical cancer: WHO 

Health Equity Stagnant Or Declining Across Europe, New WHO Report Finds 

WHO Europe: Healthy, prosperous lives for all: the European Health Equity Status Report (2019) 

Forest protection likely to be new priority for EU Parliament 

Dumping Fossil Fuels to Drive Green Development