PEAH News Flash 357

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

News Flash 357


Italian Health Minister Moves To Replace Key Architect of WHA Resolution On Drug Price Transparency 

Gaps in Access to Medicine : Unavoidable injustice or economic paradigm shift required? 

WHO launches first-ever insulin prequalification programme to expand access to life-saving treatment for diabetes 

The public health crisis of underimmunisation: a global plan of action 

The Salzburg statement on vaccination acceptance 

Scientists discover first new HIV strain in nearly two decades 

Ending An Epidemic Requires Multiple Interventions: Considerations For Developing And Harmonizing HIV Preventive Recommendations 

‘Game-changing’ TB vaccine shows promise in trials 

Pneumonia kills a child every 39 seconds, health agencies say 

DRC Ebola update 

First-Ever Ebola Vaccine Gets World Health Organization “Pre-Qual” Seal of Approval 

Europe gives go ahead to market Ebola vaccine 

Violence Against Ebola Responders Plagues Outbreak Response As Case Counts Plateau 

Pakistan accused of cover-up over fresh polio outbreak 

Anti-Monopoly Money: Behind Millions in New Funding to Battle Bigness 

The New Economy of Africa: Opportunities for Nigeria’s Emerging Technology Sector 

How Would Elizabeth Warren Pay for Her Sweeping Policy Plans? 

Stop Blaming The Victim: The Case For Systemic Health System Transparency 

Inequality of power is driving the HIV epidemic among women and girls

Nairobi Population Summit Draws Attention & Debate Over Reproductive Health Rights 

Human Rights Reader 503 

Nigeria urged to ban chaining people with mental health issues 

Correcting The Contradictions: Immigration Policy And HIV 

When is Universal Health Coverage Good for Attaining Universal Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights? 

How can Taps, Toilets & Good Hygiene Help Ensure Sustainable & Resilient Agricultural Supply Chains? 

Untangle food industry influences on health 

Taxing “Bads”: An Overview of Research Initiatives 

Group calls for NY to create $1 billion climate fund 

Wall Street Greens: The Top Givers to Environmental Causes from Finance 

Exclusive: Italy to make climate change study compulsory in schools 

Scientists develop biodegradable plastic from cassava starch