PEAH News Flash 403

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

News Flash 403


Upholding the World Health Organization: Next Steps for the EU 

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Weekly Update 

Webinar registration: Responding to COVID-19 in Africa: The myths, the lessons, and the future. Nov 2, 2020 

Webinar registration: Preparedness or Prevention. Defence or Precaution. How conflicting concepts of Global Health Security and Public Health are shaping the Covid19 response 26 October 2020  

WHO´s Executive Board assesses current COVID-19 response and requests to be more involved in the review  

Covid-19 has exposed the catastrophic impact of privatising vital services 

Patients Who Had More Severe COVID-19 May Be the Best Donors for Convalescent Plasma Therapy 

The FDA’s Evolving COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorizations: How The Convalescent Plasma Authorization Can Inform Future Vaccine And Therapeutic EUAs 

Much-Touted Remdesivir Fails To Reduce COVID-19 Deaths; Results Of WHO-Coordinated Solidarity Trial 

Coronavirus: Commission lists key steps for effective vaccination strategies and vaccines deployment 

China’s Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Is Safe and Provokes Immune Response, Say Preliminary Clinical Trial Results 

Vaccine storage issues could leave 3B people without access 

Africa needs to go beyond COVAX to secure vaccine doses, experts say  

What do people in BRICS countries think about a COVID-19 vaccine? 

Allô Bercy? Corporate Welfare in a Time of Pandemic 

Updated estimates of the impact of COVID-19 on global poverty: The effect of new data 

A Venture Philanthropy Fund Yields Big Results in the Battle Against Diabetes 

TDR eNewsletter 20 October 2020 

Human Rights Reader 549  

UN CAUCHEMAR NOMME TOTAL Une multiplication alarmante des violations des droits humains en Ouganda et Tanzanie 

Kenyan efforts to end FGM suffer blow with victims paraded in ‘open defiance’  

A Long, Uneven and Uncertain Ascent 

Clinical Engineers Launch New Global Organization with Aim of Improving Safety and Healthcare Outcomes Worldwide 

Rethinking Annual Deductibles: The Case For Monthly Cost-Sharing Limits 

Introducing a Dashboard for Assessing Fiscal Policy in Low-Income Countries  

Climate finance driving poor countries deeper into debt, says Oxfam 

EU leaders to decide tougher climate goal in December  

Renovation Wave: doubling the renovation rate to cut emissions, boost recovery and reduce energy poverty 

Green Deal: Commission adopts new Chemicals Strategy towards a toxic-free environment 

EU to push new standards for ‘greenest’ car batteries on earth 

Dried, pressed plants predict climate future