News Flash 416: Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

News Flash 416

Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges


International Debates: What Does the 2020 Seventy-third World Health Assembly Mean For Socio-economic Survival of Countries, Food Security, and International Cooperation in the COVID-19 Pandemic by Michael Ssemakula 

Q&A: Germany’s Björn Kümmel on WHO financing  

When the market becomes deadly – How pressures towards privatisation of health and long-term care put Europe on a poor footing for a pandemic.  NEW REPORT FROM CORPORATE EUROPE OBSERVATORY  

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Weekly Update 

COVID-19 Infection Provides Temporary Immunity, Though Not From Transmission, Says Study  

COVID’s led to ‘massive’ income and productivity losses, UN labour estimates show 

Q&A: COVID-19 a ‘pivot point’ for pharma policy 

The Contagion of Capital: Financialized Capitalism, COVID-19, and the Great Divide by John Bellamy Foster, R. Jamil Jonna and Brett Clark (Jan 01, 2021)

How President Joe Biden could use the Defense Production Act to increase vaccine production – Marketplace 

Clarification of Comirnaty dosage interval  

The European Commission says Covid-19 vaccines should be global public goods, but do their agreements with pharma reflect this? 

Vaccini. Il silenzio sulla licenza obbligatoria 

GAVI seeks political support for COVAX as rich nations strike fresh vaccine deals 

GSK, PATH, Bharat Biotech sign pact for malaria vaccine 

Ending NTDs: together towards 2030 

WHO 2030 NTDs Roadmap: how science and partnerships can support the fight to end neglected diseases 

Overcoming neglect: Finding ways to manage and control NTDs 

WHO highlights progress in accelerating access to hepatitis C diagnostics and treatment in low- and middle-income countries 

Important Advances in HIV Prevention Unveiled: New PrEP Formulas & Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies 

Messages for World Leprosy Day 2021 

MPP welcomes findings of 2021 Access to Medicine Index: more pharmaceutical companies include access plans for LMICs 

Newly Launched: 2021- Year of Equitable Research Partnerships by Daniele Dionisio

OXFAM report: The Inequality Virus. Bringing together a world torn apart by coronavirus through a fair, just and sustainable economy 

Billionaire wealth soars as 255 million of world’s jobs lost in pandemic  

The Struggle to End Female Genital Mutilation: A Dark Secret No More 

Donors back tech over aid to feed hungry world 

Locust invasion spawns new food threat 

Inland Transit Applications: Improved Welfare at Affordable Prices or Increased Traffic and Air Pollution – Case of Iran by DJavad Ghoddoosi-Nejad

Climate change: Biggest global poll supports ‘global emergency’  

EU food safety agency presents plan for integrated risk assessments for pollinators  

Kerry: US will make up for 4 years of lost action on climate 

Biden signs orders to curb climate change, announces April climate summit 

Helping poorest tackle climate crisis will boost global growth, says IMF head