News Flash 444: Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

News Flash 444

Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges


International Digital Health & AI Research Collaborative (I-DAIR): Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

Meeting Registration: Conectando movimientos por los servicios públicos: hacia una estrategia y narrativa global // Conectando movimentos para serviços públicos: em prol de uma estratégia e narrativa global Aug 31, 2021 11:00 AM in Sao Paulo

REGISTRATION: Decolonising Peacebuilding Practice October 5th –6th 2021

Innovation Strategy and Economic Development

Clinical Trials In Crisis: Building On COVID-19’s Lessons Toward A Better Future

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Weekly Update

EMA: monthly safety update for COVID-19 vaccines

Increase in vaccine manufacturing capacity for COVID-19 vaccines from BioNTech / Pfizer and Moderna

Final US FDA Approval of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID Vaccine – Likely to Drive More Voluntary Jabs & Mandates

Following full FDA approval, Pfizer and BioNTech must urgently share COVID-19 vaccine know-how to increase global production and supply

Vaccine equity: where are the voices of those with no access?

WHO Africa Chief Warns that COVID-19 Booster Shots Threaten Continent’s Ability to Fight the Pandemic

COVID Booster Vaccines Gain Traction with New US Campaign – Despite WHO Appeals for Moratorium

The Case for Covid-19 Boosters Is as Shaky as Ever

ANALYSIS- Here’s why there may be no need for boosters for everyone just yet

Breastfeeding and COVID-19 Vaccines

Delayed Wuhan Report Adds Crucial Detail to Covid Origin Puzzle

Ethical considerations of phone-based interviews from three studies of COVID-19 impact in Bihar, India

Lessons on COVID-19 from Indigenous and remote communities of the Arctic

KFF Dashboard: Progress Toward Global HIV Targets in PEPFAR Countries

Control of visceral leishmaniasis in East Africa: fragile progress, new threats

EU tightens limits on cancer-causing cadmium, lead levels in food

Smartphone App Helps Fijians to Grow and Eat Healthier Food

PHM: Resistance_to_privatisation

Earthquake relief. Mexico. 2051. A glimpse into tomorrow’s humanitarian world

On World Humanitarian Day: Invest in Climate Adaptation to Reduce Future Humanitarian Need

Environmental Racism and Climate Change — Missed Diagnoses

A billion children at ‘extreme risk’ from climate impacts – Unicef

Climate change’s impact on health

AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2022

The plastic waste fuelling fungal diseases

Evidence-informed policy for tackling adverse climate change effects on health: Linking regional and global assessments of science to catalyse action