News Flash 458: Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

News Flash 458

Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges


Comic Series: The Power of the 99% to Stop Corporate Capture

Challenging violence against women in public life

WHO: Public health round-up

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Weekly Update

Towards a universal understanding of post COVID-19 condition

Why South Africa keeps detecting COVID-19 variants like omicron

As 57 Countries Report Omicron Cases, Pfizer Says its Boosters Offer Protection – But WHO Cautions More Research is Needed

Audio Interview: Waning Immunity against SARS-CoV-2

Webinar registration: Covid-19 Pandemic and Health Policy Responses: a critical analysis. Saturday 11 December 2021, 10:00-13:30 UTC+2

‘Dangerously Unprepared’: New Report Faults Countries’ Pandemic Readiness… Again

One year after the first shot, pharma must urgently “share the tech” of COVID-19 vaccines

WIPO SCP 33: Statement of Knowledge Ecology International on patents and health

EMA and ECDC recommendations on heterologous vaccination courses against COVID-19

Updated interim recommendations for the use of the Janssen Ad26.COV2.S (‎COVID-19)‎ vaccine

US Announces ‘Global VAX’ to Push COVID-19 Vaccination Effort Worldwide

Optimizing the supply of vaccines for COVID-19

Pfizer Could Have Done More to Help Low-Income Countries Handle Vaccines, CEO Says

India’s SII promises 40 mln more AstraZeneca doses to COVAX this year

Addressing production gaps for vaccines in African countries

African Medicines Agency Has Key Role as Continent Pushes Local Vaccine Production

Aspen’s COVID-19 vaccine licensing deal a ‘game changer’ for Africa

Exclusive: Up to 1 million COVID vaccines expired in Nigeria last month

EMA recommends approval for use of RoActemra in adults with severe COVID-19

The Medicines Patent Pool and the University of Washington sign a licence agreement for an investigational long-acting injectable drug combination candidate for HIV

More malaria cases and deaths in 2020 linked to COVID-19 disruptions

WHO: World Malaria Report 2021

WHO welcomes historic decision by Gavi to fund the first malaria vaccine

Will climate change-fueled drought spur more yellow fever outbreaks?

As Antimicrobial Resistance Advances, We Need Action to Stop a Predictable Catastrophe

Nigerian Exchange to Boost Food Output With $100 Million Bond

Policy-makers’ perspectives on implementation of cross-sectoral nutrition policies, Western Pacific Region

All coral reefs in western Indian Ocean ‘at high risk of collapse in next 50 years’

EU lawmakers call for tougher rules on live animal transport

Glyphosate approval: stakeholders squabble over who has the science right