News Flash 473: Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

News Flash 473

Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges


MSF comments on the reported draft text of the TRIPS Waiver negotiation

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard

COVID cases in Asia surpass 100 million – Reuters tally

4 barriers to broaden COVID-19 vaccinations in African countries

Update: Covid-19 cases in Africa

Wealthy Nations, Corporate Titans’ False Promises of Fair COVID-19 Recovery Exposed, How Africa’s Inequality Deepened

EMA starts rolling review of COVID-19 Vaccine HIPRA (PHH-1V)

Huge Study Finds Second COVID-19 Booster is ‘Life-saving’ for Over 60s

Audio Interview: Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccination in Children

EMA recommends authorisation of COVID-19 medicine Evusheld

World Tuberculosis Day Bulletin: A message from TDR Director

Effectiveness of nationwide programmatic testing and treatment for latent tuberculosis infection in migrants in England: a retrospective, population-based cohort study

Learning from the Tuberculosis Pandemic

New ‘mosquito grounding’ insecticide could revive stalling fight against malaria

Out of the boxes, out of the silos: The need of interdisciplinary collaboration to reduce poor-quality medical products in the supply chain

Uptake of personalised medicines relies on EU regions’ activism

Sanitation progress slows to a crawl amid pandemic

Despite COVID, It Is Still Possible to Reduce NCD Mortality by One-Third by 2030

Research on health impacts of chemical contaminants in food

A Practical Proposal to Ensure the IMF’s New Trust Will Flourish, Not Fizzle

Human Rights Reader 622 – Human rights: Food for a fairer nutrition thought ‘The right to food’

War and Drought Push Wheat Prices up by 80% in North Africa and Middle East

Rising food, fuel, and fertilizer prices could ignite political tensions in Africa

Will the Ukraine Crisis Mean EU Aid Is Pulled from the Rest of the World?

Migrants and health care

Prevention of violence against women and girls: A cost-effectiveness study across 6 low- and middle-income countries

UN chief announces plan to get the whole world access to early weather warnings within 5 years

Climate change plans ‘fail to tackle invasive species’

Circular Economy: Commission proposes new consumer rights and a ban on greenwashing

Shifting Paradigms: Public perceptions of economic policy in shaping the climate crisis

Building a Coalition for Intergenerational Fairness in the European Green Deal

Energy agency: ‘Radical action’ needed to hit climate goals

Progress on Biodiversity Agreement to Conserve 30% of Planet’s Land and Oceans Painfully Slow, Decisions Postponed to June