INTERVIEW: Liele Netsanet, Gainhopes organization, Ethiopia

Gainhopes is a visionary non-profit organization founded in 2021 by Dr. Liele Netsanet Desta with the mission to empower women and provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.  Based at Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, Gainhopes believes that when women are empowered, they can transform not only their own lives, but also those of their families and communities as a ripple effect of progress that uplifts families, societies, and beyond. 

In this connection, PEAH had the pleasure to interview Dr. Liele Netsanet as Founder and CEO at Gainhopes.

 By Daniele Dionisio

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 Liele Netsanet

 Founder and CEO at GainhopesEthiopia

Vision of a world where leadership knows no bounds and women are empowered to rise and shine


PEAH: Dr. Netsanet, what kinds of challenges do women face in Ethiopia?

  Netsanet: In Ethiopia, traditional and cultural negative beliefs of society  discourage and overlook the rights and abilities of women. In a country where women’s rights and potential are not regarded as privileges, they frequently face various challenging situations. These include sexual abuse, early marriage, female genital mutilation, and diminished educational and healthcare access. Additionally, the lack of job opportunities and limited access to economic resources pose further obstacles for women in Ethiopia.

PEAH: As a non-profit organization, Gainhopes is dedicated to women’s empowerment, fostering an inclusive world where women thrive. Its initiatives support women from diverse backgrounds, providing resources and mentorship to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Practically, how do you do it?

Netsanet: At Gainhopes, we believe that empowering women is directly creating positive change in the world.  Supporting women is strengthening a family and the community at large. Gainhopes is committed to transform the lives of women through different initiatives in the areas of economic empowerment, educational and improved healthcare access.

Due to the current political instability and ongoing conflict in Ethiopia, Gainhopes is mainly focused on empowering women in conflict-affected areas, internally displaced, and those living with HIV/AIDS. To address this, we are running multiple projects to provide economic security through skill training and capacity building to enable disabled women to achieve long-term financial stability. Additionally, we are engaging in projects to promote healthcare provision and initiatives.

In addition to these economic empowerment efforts, Gainhopes also advocates and protects for rights of women with disabilities. We believe that all women, regardless of their circumstances, deserve the opportunity to have and reach their full potential. 

PEAHHow many women is Gainhopes currently looking after? 

Netsanet: Currently, Gainhopes provides regular support to 101 women. Additionally, the organization is piloting various projects aimed at enhancing its support and empowering up to 350 women.

PEAHSomething more about Gainhopes mission and vision?

Netsanet: As a visionary nonprofit organization that aims at women empowerment, we have multiple goals and missions to broaden through our projects. In the coming two years, we will expand our vision to promote reproductive and adolescent health. Additionally, we aim to prevent the rate of unsafe abortion by collaborating with the Ethiopian Family Planning Center and respective organizations.

– PEAHAt Gainhopes you emphasize that integrity, insight, and inclusiveness are the cornerstone values for empowering women. Can you detail?

Netsanet: Gainhopes takes integrity, insight, and inclusiveness as pillars of sustainable growth and development of society. Community problems are addressed with careful analysis of challenges through a comprehensive insight into societal issues. The second step should be integrity and inclusiveness to reach common interests and solve existing problems. The implementation of integrity provides transparency and accountability which fosters better decision-making activity. In the approach of inclusivity, multiple stakeholders will get the opportunity to participate in addressing societal challenges.

PEAHAs for the results achieved by Gainhopes so far?

Netsanet: Gainhopes has been tirelessly supporting and empowering women through multiple initiatives. The organization regularly provides basic needs for low-income women with HIV/AIDS.

Moreover, it fosters long-standing financial security by offering skill training to displaced women, which is a means for their economic independence. Additionally, it has systems of advocacy for disabled women who experienced sexual abuse.

PEAHDoes Gainhopes cooperate with national and/or international partners?

Netsanet: Yes, Gainhopes networks with both domestic and international NGOs. Additionally, it cooperates with civic societies

 PEAHWhat are your own duties, tasks and challenges inside Gainhopes organization? 

Netsanet: As CEO of nonprofit organization that aims at empowering women, I do have multiple tasks to address and manage in a daily basis. In the organization, I have the following key responsibilities:

  1. Formulating strategic plans to guide the organization’s vision and goals.
  2. Drafting and managing annual budget.
  3. Handling internal and external communications.
  4. Overseeing the implementation of new projects and initiatives.

The major challenges I have encountered are:

  1. Insufficient funding to support our initiatives
  2. Lack of volunteers who will devote in project implementation and other organizational activities.
  3. The ongoing conflict and political instability in Ethiopia has posed significant challenges in my organization.

PEAHThanks for having taken the time to share on Gainhopes strong humanitarian commitment