Breaking News: Link 190

Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News: Link 190


FRA Monthly data collection on the current migration situation in the EU 

UN Security Council to vote on draft resolution calling to protect humanitarian workers 

MSF to pull out of World Humanitarian Summit 

Meet Some of the Funders, Big and Small, Who Care About Mexico’s Human Rights Crisis 

Knowledge for effective action to improve the health of women, children and adolescents in the sustainable development era 

On health systems & breastfeeding (but also on Hans Rosling & Adele) 

A Public Health Paradox: The Women Most Vulnerable to Malaria Are the Least Protected 

Political leadership for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health 

Cross-country analysis of strategies for achieving progress towards global goals for women’s and children’s health 

Using multistakeholder dialogues to assess policies, programmes and progress for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health 

Building Learning Health Systems to Accelerate Research and Improve Outcomes of Clinical Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 

Delivering seeds of change to smallholder farmers 

Google’s High Tech Approach to Offering Help in Ethiopia’s Crisis of Drought and Hunger 

Next Up on the Universal Health Coverage Agenda: Value for Money 

TTIP Leaks 

France claims TTIP talks likely to stop 

ADB, AIIB sign landmark partnership deal in show of cooperation 

WHO CEWG 2016: Statement of Health Action International, Knowledge Ecology International and STOPAIDS 

MSF at WHO’s Open-Ended Meeting on CEWG – Agenda Item 5 (l): Discussion “on the remaining issues in relation to monitoring, coordination and financing for health research and development” 

MSF at WHO’s Open-Ended Meeting on CEWG – Agenda Item 5(j-k): Discussion on Future Financing of health R&D 

MSF at WHO’s Open-Ended Meeting on CEWG – Agenda Item 5 (k): Discussion on future financing of health research and development 

4th World Congress on Integrated Care 23-25 November 2016, Wellington New Zealand 

Prescription Drugs, Global Health & More 

Half of leading investors ignoring climate change – study 

Safeguarding the global commons is the wisest investment we can make 

Global water shortages to deliver ‘severe hit’ to economies, World Bank warns 

WHO’s Preventing disease through healthy environments: a global assessment of the burden of disease from environmental risks 

Chernobyl Disaster and Beyond: Implications of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015–2030 

West and central Africa falling behind in the fight against HIV and AIDS, report finds