Breaking News: Link 196

Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News: Link 196


Highlights from ICIC16 in Barcelona – Presentations Now Available to Download 

Request For Abstracts: Delivery System Innovation 

Foreign investor protections in the Trans-Pacific Partnership 

Key flaws in the European Commission’s proposals for foreign investor protection in TTIP 

Briefing note on RCEP trade deal: Damaging impact of two proposed TRIPS-plus measures 

Civil society letter to countries negotiating Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) 

Your Money Or Your Life: Federal Policies And Health Disparities In Puerto Rico 

In Brussels, Ban urges EU Member States to meet development assistance targets 

Climate finance short by $5 trillion, study reveals 

Air pollution now major contributor to stroke, global study finds 

Can Philanthropy Spur the Massive Climate Finance the Developing World Needs? 

Oxfam America: Poor Countries Should Get to Sell the Remaining Fossil Fuels 

Ethiopia survives its great drought, but a way of life may not 

Alongside UN Commitments To End AIDS, Event On Access Brings Tears, Vision  

Innovative prevention options for women offer new hope to end HIV and AIDS 

A Triple Threat in the Fight Against AIDS 

The Medicines Patent Pool Releases 2015 Annual Report: Five Years of Patent Pooling for Public Health 

Prices, Costs, and Affordability of New Medicines for Hepatitis C in 30 Countries: An Economic Analysis 

A Revolution in Treatment for Hepatitis C Infection: Mitigating the Budgetary Impact 

Making Hepatitis C A Rare Disease In The United States 

A Public Health Paradox: The Women Most Vulnerable to Malaria Are the Least Protected 

Endgame: Will Gates’ Latest Give Be Polio’s Death Knell? 

Toward a Common Secure Future: Four Global Commissions in the Wake of Ebola 

Novartis complaints over public interest declaration debunked 

What SDGs Can We Track Now? 

Overcoming obstacles on the path to the SDGs – why a depleted treasury does not make for good social progress 

Crash, boom, bang: time for a road safety paradigm shift 

World Bank creates new fund to enable faster disaster response 

Evaluating Nairobi: What Does the Outcome Mean for Trade in Food and Farm Goods? 

European parliament slams G7 food project in Africa 

Global Nutrition Report 2016 

U.K. foreign aid debate shows cross-party support, rather than division