Breaking News: Link 197

Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News: Link 197


WTO Members Eye Preparations for Enacting Trade Facilitation Deal 

Europe’s and UK’s global impact on development for all would be weakened by Brexit 

How Much and How Well: Revisiting the Aid Component of the Commitment to Development Index 

Tear Down That Paywall: A Look at a Big Funder Push for Open Research 

Are donors pulling back on agriculture research funding? 

European Commission launches Sendai Action Plan for disaster risk reduction 

How economics could solve the refugee crisis 

More than emergencies: Making systems work for refugees 

Xenophobia: ‘Hate Is Mainstreamed, Walls Are Back, Suspicion Kills’ 

EXCLUSIVE: The ethical failure – Why I resigned from the UN 

Human Rights Reader 389 

Human Rights Council heats up during informal talks on the primacy of human rights over international trade and IP regimes 

Too Many People Die Waiting for Organ Transplants. Can a Grantmaker Change That? 

Lack of transgender healthcare curbs development 

Universal neglect: 120 million kids are still not going to school 

Children of a Lesser God: Trafficking Soars in India 

Mixed Progress at UN on Rights of Persons with Disabilities 

WHO/PAHO New Response Plan For Zika Until December 2017 

UN Development Agency Issues Guidelines For Pharmaceutical Patent Examiners 

European Council Approves First-Ever Analysis Of Drug Prices With Look At IP Rights 

EU health ministers confront crisis in affordability of medicines 

European Council Conclusions On Steps To Combat Antimicrobial Resistance 

The Evolution of access to essential medicines for the treatment of HIV/AIDS 

Women in HIV serodiscordant relationships less likely to take PrEP consistently if they experience intimate partner violence 

Two cutting-edge technologies for HIV detection in infants receive WHO prequalification 

Nearly All Global Physical Counterfeiting Is From China & Hong Kong, US Report Shows 

EU food products found to contain unlabelled nanomaterials 

Escaping the Scandal Cycle: Three Ways to Improve Funder Response 

The direct and indirect impacts of EU policies on land 

Our new alliance unites 600m city dwellers in fight against climate change