Breaking News: Link 210

Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News: Link 210


WHO: Public Health round-up 

WHO urges global action to curtail consumption and health impacts of sugary drinks

Taxing sugary drinks can curb global epidemic of obesity and diabetes — UN health agency   

Global health leaders identify top priority for next WHO chief 

World Health Summit focuses on improving global health infrastructures 

Healthcare innovations won’t cure global health inequality – political action 

Ban announces launch of new partnership platform to support financing for Sustainable Development Goals 

What Bipartisan Opportunities Will The Next Congress And President Have To Improve Health Policy? 

How international financial institutions and donors influence economic policies in developing countries 

Africa Has a Brain Drain Problem. This Funder Aims to Change That 

The Medicines Patent Pool Expands its Expert Advisory Group (EAG) to Include Leaders with Expertise in Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis 

The Medicines Patent Pool Announces MedsPaL: Its New Medicines Patents & Licences Database 

UPDATED: Gilead’s Sovaldi takes a patent hit in Europe, hiking risk of early generics 

Partial Revocation Of EPO Patent On Sofosbuvir, Key For Hepatitis C 

Essential medicines for cancer: WHO recommendations and national priorities 

Negotiating prices of drugs for rare diseases 

Tackling menstrual health taboo in Uganda 

Neonatal mortality within 24 hours of birth in six low- and lower-middle-income countries 

9 ways funding for the global HIV response could go further 

Distinguishing between Zika and Spondweni viruses 

Modeling The Economic Burden Of Adult Vaccine-Preventable Diseases In The United States 

‘Mental Health First Aid’ for All Is a Goal of Annual Observance 

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti needs vaccines to stop deadly cholera spreading 

EU, US negotiators officially drop aim of concluding TTIP in 2016 

China-Africa cooperation model needs to evolve 

Climate change, food, water and population health in China 

Trade Measures to Combat IUU Fishing: Comparative Analysis of Unilateral and Multilateral Approaches  

Environmental taxation and EU environmental policies 


Human Rights Reader 397 

Italy lashes out at EU states for not taking in refugees