Health Breaking News: Link 253

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News: Link 253


In Defense of Global Health 

114 Nations Seek Support to Implement UN’s 2030 Development Agenda 

UN science report to guide countries on the SDGs 

Taking Stock of SDG Actions on UN’s Development Agenda  

WHO’s online consultation: Safeguarding against possible conflicts of interest in nutrition programmes: “Approach for the prevention and management of conflicts of interest in the policy development and implementation of nutrition programmes at country level” 

WHO: public health round-up 

WHO guardian of health 

Why Medicaid Is The Platform Best Suited For Addressing Both Health Care And Social Needs 

Evaluating the impact of Affordable Care Act repeal on America’s opioid epidemic 

A Stocktake Review of DFID’s Work on HIV and AIDS – Executive Summary 

In desperate need 

British diplomat lobbied on behalf of big tobacco 

Mercury convention raises heat on producers 

Antimicrobial resistance: The complex challenge of measurement to inform policy and the public 

New Study Looks At IP And The Rise Of Mega-Regional Agreements 

How to Protect a Drug Patent? Sell it to a Native American Tribe 

This Shield of Patents Protects the World’s Best-Selling Drug 

The Cancer Patient Taking On High Drug Prices 

A Billion Here, A Billion There: Selectively Disclosing Actual Generic Drug Prices Would Save Real Money 

A Much-Needed Corrective on Drug Development Costs 

PATH points to power of $120M core boost with new vaccine initiative 

Ten electorates contain 600 threatened species – but will MPs fight to save them? 

Land ruling threatens Brazil’s indigenous peoples ― and its climate commitments 

Third of Earth’s soil is acutely degraded due to agriculture  

Human Rights Reader 422 


Looking Upstream: A Funder Collaborative Goes Local to Address the Roots of Health 

Misplaced Trust: diverting EU aid to stop migration. The EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa 

Libya’s migration crisis is about more than just security 

Providing family planning services to women in Africa 

Promoting evidence-based health care in Africa 

A Philanthropic Fellowship Where Research Meets Environmental Crisis