2019: a Year in Review through PEAH Contributors’ Takes

Authoritative insights by 2019 PEAH contributors added steam to debate on how to settle the conflicting issues that still impair equitable access to health by discriminated population settings worldwide

by  Daniele Dionisio*

PEAH – Policies for Equitable Access to Health

2019: a Year in Review through PEAH Contributors’ Takes


Now that 2019 is at its end, I wish to thank the top thinkers and academics who enthusiastically contributed articles over the year. Their authoritative insights meant a lot to PEAH scope while adding steam to debate on how to settle the conflicting issues that still impair equitable access to health by discriminated population settings worldwide.

Find out below the relevant links:

Two Goals with One Action: HIV/AIDS and Hunger (Health and Community Development) by Kiyini Jimedine

Developing Countries Urged to Take Charge of Their Digital Future by Juliet Nabyonga-Orem

Have Countries Forgotten about the Sustainable Development Goals? The Case of the Americas by Francisco Becerra-Posada

Why No Talk of an Inequality Emergency? by Ted Schrecker

Patents in Pharmaceuticals: The Emerging Sharp Sword to the Fragile Health Systems in the 21st Century by Michael Ssemakula

Why Some Global Health Experts Didn’t Sign the Call on the United Nations for Human Rights Guidelines on Healthy Diets and Sustainable Food Systems by David Patterson

Insights on Access to Health in Sudan by Hanan Abdel Aziz Marhoum 

The Oxford Statement and The MedsWeCanTrust Campaign: a call for equity in global health by Raffaella Ravinetto (republished by the Institute of Tropical Medicines, Antwerp)

Financialization of Health and the Impact on Peoples’ Lives by Nicoletta Dentico

Reaching out and Engaging with SE Asian Communities: Health, Shared Value and Business by Phil J Gover

Italy’s Way Forward in Clinical Trials Transparency by AIFA Director General Dr. Luca Li Bassi (republished by TranspariMED)

Revelation! The International Monetary Fund Discovers Tax Avoidance and Capital Flight by Ted Schrecker 

The Disease Bringing People Together by Olga Shelevakho

Debates of Reproductive Health in Turkey by Feride Aksu Tanik 

Stigma Affects the Motivation for HIV Testing by Marina Maximova, Olga Shelevakho 

The Role of Familism in Latinx Communities and Impact on Health Care Decision-Making by Karen Mancera-Cuevas

Expanding Access to Rights Documentation: Tools for Marginalized Groups in Myanmar by Julia K. Klein

Why Don’t Venture Capital Firms and Government Funders Co-Invest in Healthcare Technology More Often? by Dhevi Kumar 

Pick the Odd One Out: Sugar, Salt, Animal Fat, Climate Change: What Are We Teaching? by David Patterson

DRC Ebola: Still a Horrifically High Level of Nosocomial Infections by Garance Upham

Stats , Data and the Popular Media: a Closer Look at The Toronto Star’s Stats on Vaccine Coverage in Ontario by Lawrence C. Loh

Ethical Challenges In Big Data In The Developing World by Nighat Khan

Why Public Health Care is Better by Julie Steendam

AFEW Creates Space for Public Health Within EU-Russia Civil Society Forum by Valeria Fulga

The Italian Investor Proposed USD 379.7 Million Lubowa Hospital Construction Project in Uganda: Disconnections and Disruptions in the Health Sector Expenditure Priorities by Michael Seemakula and Denis Bukenya

The Inability of the Patent System to Reward Innovation by Public Actors: the Bedaquiline Example by Barbara Milani

It’s Time to End TB in EECA Countries by Helena Arntz and Olesya Kravchuk

Turbulences in Uganda’s Global Aid Construct: Is the Contemporary Aid Effective Enough to Transform Uganda’s Health System to Achieve UHC? by Michael Ssemakula

How Political Correctness Can Change Society’s Views On Mental Health by Tiffany Osibanjo

Is Wealth Good for Your Health? Some Thoughts on the Fateful Triangle of Health by Iris Borowy

WHO Places Emphasis on IPC, AMR and UHC by Garance F Upham

iBreastExam for Breast Cancer Detection in Low Resource Settings by Sumedha Kushwaha and Garima Kumar

From Ebola to Antimicrobial Resistance: Coming Into a Health Center Could Kill You! by Garance F Upham

The Original ‘7-Year Itch’ – Coming to an Infestation Near You! by Michael Head

Action Alliance “Training 2020” – An Alliance for Independent Continuing Medical Education by Christiane Fischer

Galvanizing the Action to Protect and Promote the Rights of Mentally-Disabled Individuals in the Key Populations: a Pathway to Achieve Health for All by Denis Bukenya and Michael Ssemakula

European Parliament Calls for Regular Evaluation of SPC System, Including its Effect on Access to Medicines in Europe by Dimitri Eynikel

The Rhetoric In Achieving The Universal Health Coverage Under Public-Private Partnerships In Uganda by Denis Bukenya and Michael Ssemakula

Yes, Resilience and Sustainability Are Too Narrowly Defined by Claudio Schuftan

The contributions highlighted above add to PEAH internal posts published throughout the year. Find the links below:

Dementia in Elderly People: an European Priority Non Ruled by a Communitarian Strategy by Pietro Dionisio

Letter of support for Dr Luca Li Bassi sent to Roberto Speranza, Italy’s Minister of Health – 7 November 2019

INTERVIEW to George Lueddeke  – ‘Survival: One Health, One Planet, One Future’ – Routledge, 1st edition, 2019 by Daniele Dionisio (republished by the South Eastern European Journal of Public Health)

INTERVIEW to Mario Raviglione as the Global Health Centre Director, University of Milan by Daniele Dionisio

INTERVIEW to ATTAC – Aim to Terminate Tobacco and Cancer – Society by Daniele Dionisio

The Evil of Unregistered Clinical Trials in Europe by Daniele Dionisio

IMF Conditionalities Still Under the Fire of Criticism by Daniele Dionisio

Haiti Healthcare Sector: Hard Recovery From Disastrous Years by Pietro Dionisio

Moreover, as part of PEAH scope and aims, the column titled ‘Focus on: Uganda’s Health Issues‘ continued to serve as an observatory of challenging health issues in Uganda from a comprehensive view encompassing the policies, strategies and practices of all involved actors. 

In the meantime, our weekly page PEAH News Flash has been serving as a one year-long point of reference for PEAH contents, while turning the spotlight on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to the equitable access to health in resource-limited settings.


*Daniele Dionisio is a member of the European Parliament Working Group on Innovation, Access to Medicines and Poverty-Related Diseases. Former director of the Infectious Disease Division at the Pistoia City Hospital (Italy), Dionisio is Head of the research project  PEAH – Policies for Equitable Access to HealthHe may be reached at: 

d.dionisio@tiscali.it  https://twitter.com/DanieleDionisio https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniele-dionisio-67032053  https://www.facebook.com/PEAH51/?modal=admin_todo_tour

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