Pharmaceutical Business in Somalia

At a time when governments are urged to take on their duties and tackle the global health threat posed by poor quality, fake or counterfeit medicines trading, PEAH is pleased to publish an appeal, just a thought, by a field engaged Somali advocate 

By Mohamed Said Ali

Senior Healthcare Consultant at KPMG

Case in Point: Just a Thought

Pharmaceutical  Business in Somalia


  • Somalia has a long uncontrolled coastline (Indian Ocean and red Sea), where the most  legal or illegal trade transactions go on. Moreover, internally bordering countries are open (Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti), with no potential government influence  
     Credit: OCHA
  • For those reasons, high volume loads of drugs are imported without legal procedure and negligible quality control. Let us keep in mind this: poor governance and local health authorities  incapability blamed to be the base of drug disaster.
  • Drug conservation in Somalia is  not standardized or not performed genuinely. For example, in southern areas temperature oscillates 18-25c, while in the Red Sea  coastal areas temperature oscillates 35-55c. This results in incredible drug expiration which impacts badly to victims (humans and livestock).


  • Conservation system performance
  • Efficient installation of solar system
  • Establishing  legislative committee
  • Inviting affiliated companies
  • Negotiations  and committing with the government is an official issue