PEAH News Flash 401

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

News Flash 401


WHO: public health round-up 

Civil society dialogue meeting with WHO DG Dr Tedros, Tuesday, 13 October 2020, 14.00-15.30 CEST Social Participation and Accountability within and beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic. Join it via 

WHO: Behavioural and social sciences for better health: call for papers 

Università degli Studi di Milano: Master in global health/salute globale – secondo livello 

Online Course Announcement: The Struggle for Health and Access to Affordable Medicines (with a focus on Middle East and North Africa). Six week course starting from October 30, 2020 

Legal and institutional foundations for universal health coverage, Kenya 

Universal health coverage, oral health, equity and personal responsibility 

Campaign paper: All heroes for health  

Statement to the IMF on ending austerity 

COVID aid could bring years of austerity, charities warn IMF  

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Weekly Epidemiological Update 

Covid-19 updates: One in 10 worldwide may have had virus, WHO says 

Executive Board: Special session on the COVID-19 response 5 – 6 October 2020 Geneva, Switzerland  

MSF Statement for WHO Executive Board Special Session on COVID-19 Response 

In landmark move, India and South Africa propose no patents on COVID-19 medicines, tools during pandemic     

White House Blocks New Coronavirus Vaccine Guidelines  

Push to bring coronavirus vaccines to the poor faces trouble 

LA SANITA’ AI TEMPI DEL CORONAVIRUS di Marco Geddes da Filicaia review by Daniele Dionisio 

COVID-19 and sustainable development goals  

UNAIDSA: The Key Populations Atlas  

Rebuilding science after conflict   

Détenir pour contrôler la migration, un livre explique une pratique européenne croissante malgré la baisse continue des demandes d’asile depuis 2015 

Deaths at Saudi Arabia detention centre for Ethiopians – Amnesty 

Can Colonialism be Reversed? The UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Provides Some Answers 

Human Rights Reader 547 

One stillbirth occurs every 16 seconds, according to first ever joint UN estimates 

Opinion: Climate activists are natural education advocates — here’s why  

Flooding hits six million people in East Africa 

Exxon’s Plan for Surging Carbon Emissions Revealed in Leaked Documents 

EU-Mercosur: deforestation’s toll on public health