News Flash 490: Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Painted combers (Serranus Scriba)

News Flash 490

Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges


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Crisis and fragility of democracy in the world

Africa: Top Biden Administration Cabinet Member Spells Out New U.S. Africa Policy

The New US Africa Strategy Recognizes the Continent’s Promise But Faces a Looming Credibility Gap

Johns Hopkins Offers New Free Virtual Course on Infectious Disease Transmission Models for Decision Makers

Covid-19 cases in Africa

The Pandemic Age and the debates around intellectual property

EU eyes autumn approval of Pfizer jab for COVID-19 variants

Audio Interview: Combating Covid-19 Today and Tomorrow

Now is the moment to launch an African vaccine industry

Remote network plugs Sudan’s health gaps

Audio Interview: Updated Covid-19 Vaccines and a Look at Monkeypox

As Monkeypox Threat Grows, Africa Needs More Robust Health Surveillance

Why the monkeypox outbreak constitutes a public health emergency of international concern

US to Stretch Monkeypox Vaccine Supply Through Intradermal Injections; Experts Warn Plan May Backfire

‘Enormous inequalities’ stifle AIDS fightback – conference

New agreements cut price for short-course TB treatments to under $20

Monoclonal Antibodies for Malaria

DNDi eNews – August 2022

Making it Count: The Next Battle for Nigeria’s Sugar Tax

The impact of the war on the healthcare system in Ukraine

OPINION: Women should not be propping up healthcare systems without proper pay

Delivering for women: Improving maternal health services to save lives (interactive story)

Peoples Health Dispatch Bulletin #31: Public health emergencies of ceaseless concern


Drought: We know what to do, why don’t we do it?

Sub-Saharan Africa is to Get Bulk of US Climate Impact Aid

Climate change compensation fight brews ahead of COP27 summit

Infrastructure Growth Threatens Brazilian Amazon with Further Deforestation

‘Truly scary’ climate change diseases study

Miombo Forest Monitoring to Help Combat #AfricaClimateCrisis