Earth Future: Time for a Global ‘Reset’!


As we face unprecedented existential threats, including humanitarian crises currently affecting over 800 million people, cultivating an active care for a world at risk is an absolute priority, starting with a United Nations-University Community Global Forum to reconsider our future directions and options
Find the  IMPAKTER Editors’ preface below:


‘Following two previous Impakter articles, Planet Earth: Averting a Point of No Return and Planet Resilience: The Choice is Ours, author Dr. George Lueddeke now completes the trilogy with this article, a heartfelt call for a global reset. Reinforcing major threats facing the planet, he highlights the latest results of World Happiness reports and discusses the causes and consequences of system failure across the globe – drawing particular attention to the International Rescue Committee’s Watchlist reports and growing politically-driven humanitarian crises involving over 800 million people.

A key stumbling block to preventing and mitigating these and other potential tragedies is the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) which allows any one of the five members – Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States in place since 1946 – to veto any proposal, including cases of mass atrocity. Existential threats now facing the planet – climate change, nuclear war, autonomous artificial intelligence, to name several – have brought the world to a critical juncture where the future looks very uncertain. 

Arguing that we cannot go on as we are and in support of the UN Secretary-General’s proposed rescue of the UN-2030 SDGs,  the author calls for a United Nations and international University Community global forum or summit to consider ‘the kind of future we are heading toward and the future we want’  – The Editors

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In close alignment, find information on a forthcoming global forum focusing on operationalising One Health that might be of interest to PEAH followers.   Supported by over 50 strategic partners, the forum  is entitled One Sustainable Health for all 2023 (Global Forum on Inclusive and Adaptive Systems for Health) and will take place in Lyon, France , 5-7 July, 2023.

PEAH is pleased to say that the organisers have included the international One Hope for One Planet Education initiative (1 HOPE) to contribute to a panel discussion (Plenary 1-July 5 PM) on the theme ‘From One Health and Planetary Health to an operational One Sustainable Health Approach.’ Other organisations represented on the panel will be the Pasteur Institute, Finland government, African Climate Foundation, Congolese Foundation for Medical Research and Friedrich-Alexander -Universitat/Germany