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The news links are part of the research project GESPAM (Geopolitica, Salute Pubblica e Accesso alle Medicine/Geopolitics, Public Health and Access to Medicines), which aims to focus on the best options for the use of trade and government rules related to public health by resource-limited countries.


News Link 44

Race For WTO Director General Down To Five Candidates 

Reports: Obama’s Proposed 2014 Budget Favours Patent Office, Generic Drugs 

The Good, The Bad And The Budget: What Obama’s Plan Means For Foreign Aid 

Questions Follow Sharp Rise In Investor-State Disputes, Far-Reaching Cases 

Global Fund: A $15 Billion Target for a Transformative Effect

New Draft Traditional Knowledge Bill Published In South Africa

South Africa Announces Rollout Of New Single-Dose ARV Therapy

The BRICS Summit in Durban: too soon to write it off

BRICS agree development bank and science forum

Australia and China: New partners in aid

How Turkey is emerging as a development partner in Africa

‘Beyond MDGs and beyond aid’ 

Implementing the European Union  gender action plan 2010-2015: challenges and opportunities 

World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings – Nancy Birdsall and Todd Moss

Africa: Is the Bank’s Attitude Towards Participatory Development Changing? 

Health Research Colloquium Calls On Countries To Invest More In R&D

Movies, fashion and food: Halle Berry joins Michael Kors to fight hunger 

Why Chemotherapy That Costs $70,000 in the U.S. Costs $2,500 in India 

Cipla, The Human Care Company  

Climate Conversations – World Health Day 2013: Combating malnutrition and infection with forests

Healthcare cuts may have lasting effect on obesity: Think tank

Let’s end the two biggest child killer diseases

New SMS Tool To Report Non-Tariff Trade Barriers At African Borders