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The news links are part of the research project GESPAM (Geopolitica, Salute Pubblica e Accesso alle Medicine/Geopolitics, Public Health and Access to Medicines), which aims to focus on the best options for the use of trade and government rules related to public health by resource-limited countries.


News Link 20

– Tobin tax, finalmente

– Tanzania probes fake HIV drugs

– GlaxoSmithKline opens door on data in bid to aid discovery of medicines

– UPDATE 2-GlaxoSmithKline to reveal more drug secrets     

– Indonesia in bold move to obtain cheap drugs for HIV 

– UN High-Level Meeting In India On Biodiversity Sees Need For Capacity-Building On Access And Benefit-Sharing

– ‘It is time for us to become a solutions bank’

– TRIPS-Related Patent Flexibilities and Food Security: Options for Developing Countries

– Africa Seen at Risk of Social Unrest From Food Shortages

– A good support system?

– ‘One Billion Hungry’ Peak Missing From New FAO Numbers

– IMF, World Bank must support poor countries facing food price volatility, Euro crisis…

– Al Ansari Exchange and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sign Memorandum of Understanding on collaboration for global health

– Justine Greening eyes new approach for UK aid

– India: Toilets versus temples

– Changing the world on the quiet 

– U.N. Rapporteurs Call For Creation Of Global Fund As Social Safety Net For Vulnerable Populations…

– An invisible issue: The presidential campaign and HIV/AIDS…

– Innovative funding model allows urban poor to determine their own future

– At WHO, Pharma Suggests Payment Plan For Influenza Virus Use