News Flash 580: Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Ornate wrasse (Thalassoma pavo)

News Flash 580

Weekly Snapshot of Public Health Challenges


Health and Financing  by Francisco Becerra-Posada 

Making IDA21 Work for Africa 

How Should the New Labour Government Rebuild Britain’s Approach to International Development?

How a new Labour government can reconnect Britain at home and abroad

Fostering the SDGs through Health in the United Arab Emirates

How countries can ramp up global hepatitis testing

WHO prequalifies the first self-test for hepatitis C virus

Record-Breaking Dengue Infection Persists in the Caribbean

How to stay safe from dengue fever — and how your community can help too

Sustaining the gains achieved by national neglected tropical disease (NTD) programs: How can we build NTD program country ownership and sustainability?

Influence of COVID-19 on trust in routine immunization, health information sources and pandemic preparedness in 23 countries in 2023

MSF and Health Justice Initiative welcome J&J’s withdrawal of patents on lifesaving TB drug in South Africa

Paediatric malaria treatment developed in Brazil by not-for-profit organizations distributed to Indigenous children in the Amazon region

MeDevIS platform announced to boost access to medical technologies and devices

The effects of alcohol container labels on consumption behaviour, knowledge, and support for labelling: a systematic review

Out of pens: How pharma greed cuts people with diabetes off from lifesaving meds

Kenya rolls out contraceptives to reduce maternal deaths

Tens of thousands displaced in fresh violence in DR Congo

Land routes across Africa are twice as deadly for migrants as Mediterranean voyages, UN estimates

Unacceptable” patients can’t feel safe as children’s hospital in Kyiv attacked


Can this new blended finance model work for conservation goals?

South Africa Seeks to Alter Coal Pact Tied to $2.6 Billion

World Bank official backs Japan to show regional climate leadership

India: Extreme weather fuels migration-related challenges

Ending Bottom Trawling: A Call for Real Protection of the Marine Environment

Dearth of agri-food research on climate-hit countries