Latest News: Link 113

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Latest News: Link 113

MRC/DFID African Research Leader scheme 2014/15 

DNDi: Challenges in NTD drug research and development 

R&D status September 2014: DNDi Human African trypanosomiasis programme 

R&D status September 2014: DNDi Leishmaniasis programme  

R&D status September 2014: DNDi Chagas disease programme 

R&D status September 2014: DNDi Filarial diseases programme 

R&D status September 2014: DNDi Paediatric HIV programme 

R&D status September 2014: DNDi Malaria programme

Allan Pamba: Why would you reinvest 20% of your profits in poor countries?  

Added Therapeutic Value: European citizens should get their money’s worth

MEPs vet new EU development commissioner

10 ways the new EU trade chief can help reduce poverty in developing countries  

Budgets Committee recommends reversing Council cuts in EU budget for 2015 

Europa e farmaci. Una vittoria del profitto sulla sanità pubblica? 

As Ebola spreads, drug companies race to develop treatments

Ebola: an open letter to European governments 

Glimmers of hope on the Ebola front

FAO urges Europe to support nutrition and sustainable farming

Who will add value in Africa? Who will cure? Who will build? 

Malaria no more    

Estimation of maternal and child mortality one year after user-fee elimination: an impact evaluation and modelling study in Burkina Faso 

Economic crisis and increased immigrant mobility: new challenges in managing Chagas disease in Europe 

Medical and nursing students’ intentions to work abroad or in rural areas: a cross-sectional survey in Asia and Africa 

What Narendra Modi’s big American debut means for climate change

La tosse pechinese. L’inquinamento atmosferico in Cina 

Cina. Una transizione difficile