Latest News: Link 115

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Latest News: Link 115

IMF Calls for Structural Reforms, Cooperation to Spur Global Growth 

EU Releases TTIP Negotiating Mandate 

New leak of TPP consolidated text on intellectual property provides details of pandering to drug companies and publishers 

MSF responds to US renewed attacks on India’s patent regime

Multilingual patent database created to propel innovation 

Ebola: Treatments and vaccines could help bring outbreak under control 

Médecins Sans Frontières response to GSK remarks on an Ebola vaccine is ‘too late’

Ebola Diary: Paul Farmer  

The price of joining the middle income country club: reduced access to medical innovation 

Salute globale e ricerca sui sistemi sanitari: un’agenda contesa 

La salute globale. Determinanti sociali e disuguaglianze 

Government’s reorganisation of the NHS was its biggest ‘mistake’, say senior Tories  

Redonner la terre aux paysans

Investing in smallholder farmers to feed the future 

Want to make a dent in world hunger? Build better roads 

How Mobile Technology Can Help End Poverty For Rural Farmers 

World Food Day – 2014 Global Hunger Index – The Challenge of Hidden Hunger  

World Food Day: 10 Myths About Hunger 

4 takeaways from the 2014 Committee on Food Security 

Human Rights Reader 348   

Linking the right people to the right climate change interventions 

Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole’s Five-Step Plan to Fix the Climate