Health Breaking News: Link 278

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News: Link 278


Countries Sign Pacific Rim Trade Deal, Call for “Expeditious” Ratification Process 

New TPP Still Most Advanced IP Trade Agreement Ever, Think Tank Says 

Putting health at the heart of the European budget 

FP9 Public Consultation on EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovation, SME’s and single market: MSF Access Campaign Submission 

EU’s secret ’sweetheart’ tax deals with multinational corporations soar to record numbers 

China’s new development agency: five expert views 

Coalition calls on US and Korea Trade Negotiators to prioritize public health over pharma corporations in trade negotiations 

Disinvesting In Primary Care? 

Our health is not for sale! Take action on 7th of April PEOPLE’S health day! 

No more silo thinking: Reducing Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and AMR 

Joint Statement and Call to Action on AMR endorsed by over 40 organisations, further signatures welcome! 

WHO: Access To Hepatitis C Treatment Increasing, But Most Patients Undiagnosed 


Chile Ministry of Health Takes Next Step Toward Compulsory License on HCV Drugs, Announces Public Health Justifications 

MSF Response to New WHO Guidelines for HIV-Related Cryptococcal Disease 

Infectious Diseases Hub: World Tuberculosis Day 2018 Wednesday 21st March 

One-dose cholera vaccine gives 90 per cent protection 

New IP-Sharing Framework To Accelerate R&D 

Getting By On Their Own Supply: The Economics Of Hospitals As Generic Prescription Drug Manufacturers 

What We Know – and What We Don’t – About Counterfeit Goods and Small Parcels 

‘Corrupt Medical Practices in Germany’ by Christiane Fischer

‘La Salute Sostenibile (Pensiero Scientifico Ed. 2018)’ review by Daniele Dionisio

‘Women’s empowerment:’ Ambiguous term or effective call to action? 

These Tech Philanthropists Are Looking for a Way to Make Women Safer Around the World 

Practicing What We Preach: 5 Ideas to Promote Gender Equality within and among Development Organizations 

Time for an EU marketing Directive that puts infants and children first 

Ethiopia says nearly 7.9 million people need emergency food aid 

‘Attacks and killings’: human rights activists at growing risk, study claims 

Human Rights Reader 441 

Meeting The Needs Of Aging Native Americans 

A New World Health Era 

Bloomberg’s Latest Move to Fight Big Tobacco Around the World 

Trump Is Putting Us on Course for a Global Health Disaster 

United Nations Climate Change Head Wants Donald Trump Back in the Paris Agreement