Health Breaking News 301

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News 301


News from TDR Director, John Reeder 

Bloomberg School Program Awarded $20.5 Million From Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation To Focus on Urban Youth and Reproductive Health 

KEI statement: Informal Discussion of the WHO Roadmap Report on Access to Medicines and Vaccines 2019–2023 

Brazilian Supreme Court Refuses To Judge Its Biggest Case On IP And Access To Medicines, And Benefits Big Pharma With Undue Monopolies 

MSF response to ruling in Gilead sofosbuvir patent hearing at European Patent Office 

Civil society groups call for end to Gilead’s unwarranted hepatitis C drug monopoly in Europe 

‘The NHS Postcode Lottery: How the Decision-Making Power of Clinical Commissioning Groups is Preventing Standardised, Equal Access to the Abbott Freestyle Libre in England’ by Rebecca Barlow-Noone 

Opinion: Why diabetes in pregnancy should be on the agenda at UN meetings 

Extended Monopolies On Biologic Drugs – A Warning To Developing Countries 

11th DNDi Partners’ Meeting: From innovation to access in Africa – the way forward 

DNDi: 2017 annual report ‘Responding to Neglected Patients’ Need Through Innovation’ 

‘The Untold Story About Counterfeit Medicines And Its Effects On The Right To Health In Uganda’ by Denis Bukenya and Michael Ssemakula 

Salute spa, il nuovo libro che racconta il “delitto perfetto” in atto sulla sanità pubblica tra politica e assicurazioni 

Ebola in DRC: Latest numbers as of 12 September 2018  

Zimbabwe Declares Cholera Emergency as Disease Spreads in Capital 

Burden of leishmaniasis in Brazil and federated units, 1990-2016: Findings from Global Burden of Disease Study 2016 

The Impact of Civil Conflict on Child Malnutrition and Mortality, Nigeria, 2002-2013 – Working Paper 494 

Breastfeeding in low-resource settings: Not a “small matter” 

Global hunger increasing, UN warns 

Hunger as a weapon ‘on the rise’ in warzones 

Human Rights Reader 459 

10 years on: Global debt at all-time high. Developing countries hit hard by fallout 

UN Human Rights Council Begins; Freedom Of Expression Issues Highlighted By Article 19 Group 

Rohingya crisis: one year on 

‘Caning of LGBT Persons – Implications for Public Health and the Economy’ by Fifa Rahman 

“A Dysfunctional Market.” What This Foundation is Doing to Control Healthcare Costs 

Former Wall Street Banker Who Advanced the Cause of Women & Children in Africa 

12 Things We Can Agree On about Global Poverty 

Local Action: Where Can Climate Funders Make a Difference in the Age of Trump? 

Rich Nations Vowed Billions for Climate Change. Poor Countries Are Waiting 

Estimate of carbon in indigenous lands rises five-fold