Health Breaking News 306

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News 306


PHM: Alternative Civil Society Astana Declaration on Primary Health Care 

Global Conference on Primary Health Care in Astana, Kazakhstan, October 25-26, 2018 

PHM: Building a Movement for Health 

‘Private Players in the Growth Paradox of Health Service Provision and Advancement in Uganda’ by Michael Ssemakula 

“The People’s Prescription”: New Report Calls For Value Creation Instead Of Value Extraction In Pharmaceutical R&D 

Antimicrobial Resistance At The World Investment Forum: UNCTAD, WHO Join Forces 

Presentation of GARDP by Dr Manica Balasegaram, Executive Director 

Register for REVIVE/GARDP upcoming webinars on antimicrobial drug development and catch-up on those you may have missed 

Towards national systems for continuous surveillance of antimicrobial resistance: Lessons from tuberculosis 

Trump administration and Big Pharma square off over proposal to televise drug prices 

Research Group Identifies Over-Patenting Of Pharmaceuticals In India, Calls For Patent Reform 

DNDi E-news October 2018 

Statement on the October 2018 meeting of the IHR Emergency Committee on the Ebola virus disease outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Ebola DRC latest numbers as of 16 October 2018 

The danger is clear in DRC Ebola outbreak 

Zambia on alert to quash future Ebola cases 

Ebola experts pulled from Congo amid ongoing outbreak 

Polio eradication target at risk as new cases recorded in Africa 

To eliminate TB we need imagination and ambition 

Cooks among TB-free nations 

A new public-private partnership drug stirs hope to curb maternal mortality 

The Drive To Quality And Access In Rural Health 

Farm and food policy innovations for the digital age 

World Food Day 2018: The elusive quest to end hunger  

Malnutrition is a staggering global burden – we must give new meaning to the food we eat 

True Cost of a Plate of Food Around the World 

Housing First: A Funder Boosts a Promising Model to Address Homelessness in Hawaii 

Reducing inequality: what is your country doing to tackle the gap between rich and poor? 

That Dire New Climate Report is a Call to Action for Every Funder. Here’s What Needs to Happen 

EU, Canada Officials Review CETA Performance, Endorse Recommendations on Climate and Gender 

Bill Gates launches EU clean energy ‘breakthrough’ fund in Brussels