Health Breaking News 332

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News 332


Providing health care in conflict settings: a call for papers 

There is No Such Thing as Universal Health Coverage without… 

Aggregating Demand for Pharmaceuticals is Appealing, but Pooling Is Not a Panacea  

‘We Had to Do Something’ – Beginnings of the Access Campaign 

Ensuring access to life-saving medicines as countries shift from Global Fund support 

How local pharmaceutical production can improve access to quality medicines 

KEI Memo on U.S. Legislation to cap price increases on prescription drugs and to enhance the transparency of R&D costs 

Coalition for Fair Drug Prices Urges Congress to Think Bigger to Solve High Drug Costs 

U.S. Special 301 Report Undermines Efforts to Lower Medicine Prices Globally 

Access to insulin: applying the concept of security of supply to medicines 

Vaccines Work 

Polio endgame strategy includes tech, new vaccines 

Malaria vaccine pilot launched in Ghana 

Uzbekistan eliminates vertical HIV transmission 

U.N. Issues Urgent Warning on the Growing Peril of Drug-Resistant Infections 

How to Build Community Trust to Fight Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

DRC Ebola: latest numbers as of 01 May 2019 

Addressing critical needs in the fight to end tuberculosis with innovative tools and strategies 

Evaluation of a social protection policy on tuberculosis treatment outcomes: A prospective cohort study 

Voices of Chagas in the USA 

‘It looked like a gunshot wound’: how a flesh-eating parasite felled a British adventurer 

Can Public-Private Partnerships without a genuine sense of ‘Partnership’ really ensure Health for All? 

European universities: 778 clinical trial results missing from EU registry 

Clinical Trial Transparency at European Universities: Mapping unreported drug trials 

UNPO, HIHR and KKF to hold Second Symposium on the Khmer-Krom’s Right to Self-Determination 

International Community Must Support Community Health Workers, Prioritize Solutions That Address Global Malnutrition 

UN says 1.7 million Somalis will face major food insecurity 

Drought puts 2.3 million people at risk in Angola – UNICEF 

UK advisors publish recommendations for net-zero emissions by 2050 

German associations call for binding reusable packaging quotas