PEAH News Flash 395

News Flash Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

News Flash 395


Exclusive: Germany and France quit WHO reform talks amid tension with Washington – sources 

Reform of the United Nations Organization 

Trump: G-7 summit will likely take place after election 

Italy undertakes bold measures on transparency by adopting the Pricing and Reimbursement Decree 

Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reports 

Latest Covid-19 Statistics from African Countries 

How Lessons from Global Health Can Improve Health And The Response To COVID-19 In The US 

India’s Health Securitisation under the COVID-19 Pandemic 

 The rush to create a covid-19 vaccine may do more harm than good 

Ensuring Global Access To A COVID-19 Vaccine Will Require A Massive Dose Of Funding – But How Much Really? 

“A COVID-19 Vaccine Would Pay For Itself In 5-6 Days,” Says Gavi CEO Seth Berkley 

Uganda Preparing for Covid-19 Vaccine Trials 

COVID-19 — a timeline of the coronavirus outbreak 

How Philanthropy Is Helping Local Farms During COVID-19—and How it Could Do More

As COVID Leaves Millions Unemployed, Here’s How Workforce Funders Are Evolving

Racial Disproportionality in Covid Clinical Trials 

The potential public health consequences of COVID-19 on malaria in Africa 

Malaria in Africa: Parasite ‘resistant to artemisinin’ 

The Critical Role and Evaluation of Community Mobilizers in Polio Eradication in Remote Settings in Africa and Asia 

MPP and International Diabetes Federation join forces to improve access to diabetes medicines 

A shrinking civil society in Tajikistan  

Human Rights Reader 539 

How AI Could Change the Way Donors Give and Nonprofits Fundraise

Refugees and COVID-19: achieving a comprehensive public health response 

Broadening The Focus During Pregnancy To Total Women’s Health, Not Just Healthy Babies 

Are We Using the Right Approach to Change Newborn Care Practices in the Community? Qualitative Evidence From Ethiopia and Northern Nigeria 

To Stay Ahead of the Next Insect Outbreak, Harness Available Data Intelligence 

In post-blast Lebanon, farmers struggle as food shortages feared 

Impact of Improved Biomass and Liquid Petroleum Gas Stoves on Birth Outcomes in Rural Nepal: Results of 2 Randomized Trials 

EU eyes sustainable fuel quotas to tackle aviation emissions 

Warming Temperatures & Decades of Oil Spills Cause Irreversible Damage to the Persian Gulf