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Breaking News Links, as part of the research project GESPAM (Geopolitica, Salute Pubblica e Accesso alle Medicine/Geopolitics, Public Health and Access to Medicines), aim to focus on latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News 120

Governance for Health in a Changing World, 10-11 November 2014, DurhamUniversity 

Record-breaking survey: World should prioritise education and health 

Ebola Spread Has Slowed in Liberia, C.D.C. Says 

Gates Foundation, other donors launch study of Ebola drugs, survivors blood, in Africa

What Factors Might Have Led to the Emergence of Ebola in West Africa?

After Ebola: Five Lessons for Outbreak Response  

Commission launches transparency initiative for TTIP and lobbying  

Stop TTIP Take Action Initiative  

Time to translate G-20 commitments into action, results 

G-20 Leaders Unveil National Growth Strategies, Eyeing US$2 Trillion Boost  

Erik Solheim: ‘If the UK can commit 0.7% of GDP to development, so can France’ 

2014 Access to Medicine Index – More being done, but progress is uneven 

Index: Pharma Industry Improves On Access To Medicines, Needs Work On Ethics, Patent Disclosure

KEI comment on the new Tufts Study on Drug Development Costs 

R&D cost estimates – MSF response to Tufts CSDD study on cost to develop a new drug 

Sovaldi, Harvoni, And Why It’s Different This Time 

Health Affairs 2014 vol 33, issue 10: Specialty Pharmaceutical Spending & Policy  

US IP Industry Meeting With Indian Judges A “Ruse”, Activists Say 

 “A better pill to swallow” – Interview Paul Newton and Raffaella Ravinetto 


GM Food and the precautionary principle  

Stop trying to save the world: Big ideas are destroying international development

International development is broken — here are 2 ways to fix it

How technology is checking health corruption in India  

Why India, not China, is a better investment partner for Africa