Breaking News: Link 161

Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings


Breaking News: Link 161


WHO: Public Health Round-Up 

After Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Reached in Atlanta, Focus Shifts to Ratification 

TPP deal: US and 11 other countries reach landmark Pacific trade pact 

Summary of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement 

Pull Up Your Socks – The TPP Is Done 

What does the TPP deal mean for outsiders?  

NEW YORK Global Dev Week 2015 

Good news: Global health is actually improving. Huzzah, civilization! 

October 11-13, 2015 World Health Summit Berlin, Germany 

5th BRICS HEALTH MINISTERS’ MEETING Moscow, the Russian Federation, October 30, 2015 


Save the date: Improving price transparency for vaccines: What can the EU do? European Parliament October 21st, 10-12.30 Room A5G1 

Are the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals Doomed? 

Ensuring That the Sustainable Development Goals Are Not a Missed Opportunity 

Missed Opportunities in Global Health: Identifying New Strategies to Improve Mental Health in LMICs 

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Global Schizophrenia 

The SGD Summit in New York: Being part of history and lovin’it! 

IMF’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde on how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals 

Cap-And-Trade, Green Climate Fund Are Fraught With Fraud 

European Environment Agency: Corporate Design Manual 

IMF Chief: We’re cooked if we fail on climate change 

New UN treatment guidelines say all people with HIV should get antiretrovirals 

The Medicines Patent Pool Statement on World Health Organization New HIV “Treat-All” Recommendation  

Can new drug stop HIV among gay men? 

Guideline on when to start antiretroviral therapy and on pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV 

With new hope on the horizon, now is the time to invest in women and HIV  

Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative Unveils New Plan for Neglected Patients 

Availability and affordability of new medicines in Latin American countries where pivotal clinical trials were conducted 

Evaluating the quality and use of economic data in decisions about essential medicines 

A Glitch In The Road To Pay-For-Performance 

ACA Progress, Health And Social Supports 

Measuring What Matters In Primary Care 

What State Policies Best Foster Insurance Market Competition? 

Profile: Cipla’s Hamied On Cambridge, O-Levels And Sticking It out 

Cooperazione Italiana allo Sviluppo: Diretta streaming dell’evento “Protezione sociale e il ruolo delle donne per nutrire il Pianeta”