Health Breaking News: Link 238

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News: Link 238


Longest, Biggest World Health Assembly Ever Set To Open With Election, Budget Topping Agenda 

WHO, Stakeholders Take ‘First Step’ On Fair Pricing For Medicines 

WHO Touts Its Past Work On Improving Access To Medicines 

Overview of WHO financial situation: Programme Budget 2016-17 

WHO improves transparency of financial data 

PHM: WHO tracker 

Conference: Health commercialisation in Europe: 6th of June 2017 European Parliament 

MSF Warns Of Threats To Public Health In Asian Trade Agreement IP Proposals 

What is Health Policy and Systems Research and how can it strengthen Health Systems? 

Healthy ecosystems as a building block of resilient health systems: Challenging health systems researchers to take action 

From partnerships to self-interest: how can we reverse the trend in EU Development Cooperation? 

China’s Xi Jinping says he will ‘protect’ Paris climate deal, as it hangs in the balance 

Trump could do more damage by staying in the Paris climate deal 

Next month’s ocean conference eyes cutting $35 billion in fisheries subsidies – UN trade officials 

Investment In Primary Care Is Needed To Achieve The Triple Aim 

Boosting agriculture could mitigate African famine threat in a warming world 

Using Agriculture and Agribusiness to Bring About Industrialisation in Africa 

New WFP Report Finds Food Insecurity Accelerates Global Migration 

Preventing the Next Pandemic: Opportunities and Challenges 

Zika virus: Brazil says emergency is over 

U.S. Army/Sanofi Zika Vaccine Collaboration Timeline and Update 

Coming This Summer: More Ticks and Powassan Virus  

First large-scale survey of Chagas disease in the United States confirms that the “Silent Killer” is a major public health challenge for the country 

THE EDGE OF ELIMINATION Racing drug resistance to end malaria in the Mekong 

Landmark agreement signed to prevent malaria in pregnancy and reduce life-threatening complications in sub-Saharan Africa 

Global Fund Accelerates Efforts To End Epidemics 

New open source project engages universities in neglected diseases drug discovery 

Health experts call for new tools to tackle vector-borne diseases 

Shortage Of Affordable Insulin: Should WHO Extend Prequalification To Biosimilars? 

Empowering women: the ‘Tree Tomato Project’ in Rwanda 

‘Stop TTIP’ petition is legitimate, top EU court rules