Health Breaking News: Link 255

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News: Link 255


Global health: Still hope for it yet 

WHO’s Draft Concept Note: Treating the Symptoms, Not the Causes?  

Review: Textbook of Global Health Fourth Edition, Oxford University Press 2017 

Measuring Progress towards Health SDGs: Great Effort, More Needed 

UN Technology Bank To Build IP Infrastructure In LDCs; Private Sector Funds Needed 

Public-Private Partnerships as the Answer . . . What was the Question? 

Unitaid Official Explains How ‘Breakthrough’ HIV Medicine Pricing Deal Brings Best To The Neediest 

Upgrading Supply Chain Management Systems to Improve Availability of Medicines in Tanzania: Evaluation of Performance and Cost Effects 

Use Competition Law For Wider Access To Cheap Medicines? 

[Report] A Fair Shot for Vaccine Affordability: Understanding and addressing the effects of patents on access to newer vaccines 

Evaluating a decade of Australia’s efforts to combat pandemics in Asia and the Pacific: are health systems stronger? 

Countries agree next steps to combat global health threat MERS-CoV 

Democratic Republic of Congo: MSF treats 17,000 people in one of the largest national cholera outbreaks 

India rolls out new TB diagnosis aimed at catching child cases 

New lab will boost UN efforts to keep harmful insects at bay 

Zoonoses focus for World Rabies Day: Infectious Diseases Hub 

World Hunger Haunts the U.N. Festivities 

Ending rural hunger: Learning from a decade of Canada’s aid efforts to support global food security 

The Urbanization of Malnutrition 

Weeks left to save East Africa’s starving children: World Vision  

The Parliament of Benin adopts a new Tobacco Control law 

ICTSD at the WTO Public Forum 2017 

Human Rights Reader 423 

Fighting For Breath: Access To Oxygen Therapy Should Not Be A Matter Of Location Or Luck 

Family Planning in the Context of Latin America’s Universal Health Coverage Agenda 

Cities must lead the clean energy drive, says report 

Climate science: getting African researchers involved 

Food safety advocates speak out as MEP attacks acrylamide regulation 

Increased drugs’ use threatens aquatic environment, report says