Health Breaking News 342

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News 342


PEAH Interviews professor Mario Raviglione as the Global Health Centre Director, University of Milan 

UN forum reveals continued disconnect between SDGs and local work 

Sustainable development will falter without data 

Should Developing Countries Borrow Internationally to Finance Social Sector Development? 

Building political momentum will be crucial for the way forward — Global Partnership on Effective Development Cooperation Senior Level Meeting 

Forging A Realistic Path To Universal Coverage 

Beware the Global Fund Procurement Cliff 

PUBLIC EVENT Buying Medicines Better: Deploying Smart Procurement to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2019 – 5:30PM TO 7:30PM 

Drug R&D, Sexual & Reproductive Health Scrutinised In Draft UHC Declaration 

Biosimilar Approvals And The BPCIA: Too Soon To Give Up 

Senate Hearings On Drug Prices: Many Questions, Few (Useful) Answers 

Two-Thirds Of People In Low & Middle-Income Countries With Hypertension Don’t Get Treatment 

DRC health minister quits as new president takes over Ebola response 

Ebola Funding Need to Triple as International Risk Escalates 

Making Tough Vaccine Choices Amidst The Ebola Public Health Emergency 

DRC Ebola: latest numbers as of 23 July 2019 

Patients treated for visceral leishmaniasis can still transmit the disease even after completing treatment, study shows 

Could a form of leishmaniasis challenge elimination efforts in India? 

Multi-drug resistant parasites threaten global efforts to control malaria, experts warn 

Tuberculosis under the control of family doctors 

WHO recommends dolutegravir as preferred HIV treatment option in all populations 

The Medicines Patent Pool stands ready to support scale-up of key HIV medicines recommended by the World Health Organization in its newly updated HIV Treatment Guidelines 

Nationwide hepatitis C screening campaign initiated by the Malaysian Ministry of Health 

Human Rights Reader 489 

Cost of global push to prevent women dying in childbirth to increase sixfold 

An Initiative to Improve Health in Schools Puts Trauma Front and Center 


Venezuelans in Colombia struggle to find health care: ‘This is a crisis’ 

Malnutrition in Humanitarian Settings 

The Role of Familism in Latinx Communities and Impact on Health Care Decision-Making by Karen Mancera-Cuevas 

Sunrise Movement is Shaking Up the Climate Debate. Will More Funders Pay Attention? 

Heat wave smashes European records