Health Breaking News 312

Health Breaking News Links, as part of the research project PEAH (Policies for Equitable Access to Health), aim to focus on the latest challenges by trade and governments rules to equitable access to health in resource-limited settings

Health Breaking News 312

In memory of the generous public health activist Dr Amit Sengupta, keen fighter of inequalities and humanitarian who always championed the weak and disadvantaged


An Irreparable Loss for the Broader Health Movement Globally and in India: People’s Health Movement’s tribute to Dr Amit Sengupta 

“One of the strongest pillars”: Dr Amit Sengupta, a leader of the public health movement, dies at 60 

The G20 Tango: What to Expect From the Buenos Aires Summit 

What to Watch at the UN Climate Talks 

Yes, climate change is a humanitarian issue 

China vows to improve action on climate change as it prepares for UN summit 

Making finance flows consistent with Paris objectives 6 December 2018 16:45 – 18:15 GMT +1 (CEST) Public event Bieszczady Room, COP24, Katowice 

In Nairobi, a landmark push for a global blue economy 

‘Lifestyle Drift’, Air Pollution and the World Health Organization by Ted Schrecker 

The European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines: Manifesto European Elections 2019 /Nov 2018 ‘Putting People’s Health First: Improving Access to Medicines in Europe’ 

PHA4: Austerity measures are the biggest impediment to access to healthcare

Next Commission needs a vice-president for health, campaigners say 

WHO Africa’s Third Forum on health systems strengthening for UHC and the SDGs 

ROM TDR PARTNER, PROVIDED AS INFORMATION FOR SHARING: WHO Africa Innovation Challenge Promoting African Solutions for Africa’s Health. Deadline for submission: Monday 10 December 2018 at midnight (GMT+1) 

How Could Africa Be Affected by Product-specific Support for Farm Goods? 

‘No country is untouched’: Global Nutrition Report highlights compounding malnutrition 

Human Rights Reader 466 

UK pledges £50m to help end FGM in Africa 

UN Committee Adopts ‘Landmark’ Declaration Reinforcing Peasants’ Rights To Seeds 

Why the HIV epidemic is not over 

Pharmaceutical corporations failing children with HIV 

Silent Epidemic: a call to action against child tuberculosis 

Antibiotics resistance breaks global boundaries 

Malaria control campaign launched in Democratic Republic of the Congo to save lives and aid Ebola response 

Democratic Republic of the Congo begins first-ever multi-drug Ebola trial 

DRC Ebola: Latest numbers as of 27 November 2018 

From recognition to action: A strategic approach to foster sustainable collaborations for rabies elimination 

Relationships between intensity, duration, cumulative dose, and timing of smoking with age at menopause: A pooled analysis of individual data from 17 observational studies 

Are Other Countries to Blame for High US Drug Prices? 

Prescription for Change: The Pharma Giant Investing in Local Public School Students 

Thousands of European clinical trials are missing results. Here’s what advocacy groups can do to fix that